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ICYM: Did you ever read a Christmas Eve gas pipeline editorial?

Equally readable on New Year's Eve


Today, we bring you our 2001 Christmas Eve gas pipeline editorial that pretty much fits today.  Don't you just love our archives?  
As usual, our energy reports and editorials directly affect Alaskans and Northern Canadians but indirectly affect a number of other North American and even worldwide constituencies as well.
MOBILE FRIENDLY.  In 2000-2001 we planned then created our Northern Gas Pipelines concept using Microsoft's FRONT PAGE webmaster program.  In 2008, we moved to a DRUPAL platform that worked well for awhile.  Then, in early 2016 we moved to a newer platform, WORDPRESS -- supercharged by Avada -- thanks to the brilliance of our consultants, Phil and Nathalie.  Their home base is Quebec and they provide servicing of our new product wherever in the world they or we happen to be traveling.
The point of that little narrative is twofold: 
1) to let you know that when you use our Google search engine in the upper left column of the home page here, you'll be searching the hundreds of thousands of pages and links within all three platforms.  Due to the passage of time, you will find some links outdated as companies come, go, merge and change web addresses.
2)  We also wanted our dear readers to know that with Phil and Nathalie's help, we are making our newer pages more mobile friendly.  If you encounter any particular browsing difficulties, please let us know and we'll get right on it.
Thank you for being one of our thousands of readers.  Without you, this labor of love would still be worth doing, but considerably less fulfilling.  We deeply appreciate it when you, from time to time, send an email and an update on your status.
Best wishes always, and
Merry Christmas!
Commissioner Emeritus, 
Chairman Emeritus, 
Alaska Oil & Gas Congress
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