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Historic Presidential Debate From An Energy Perspective


Our questions are based on one unassailable fact: our way of life is based on a secure foundation of domestic energy wealth production.  
Think about this.  Oil and gas:
  •  fuels the mining of coal, precious metal and rare earth minerals; 
  • fuels transport to our home and office of all the things therein;
  • fuels our local and widespread travel, separating us from ages in which our ancestors mostly meandered within a few miles of their humble abodes for their entire lives;
  • fuels all manufacturing processes, without which we regress to a pre-industrial age;
  • fuels our public safety protections, including hospitals, police, fire and military services;
  • fuels our schools, sport programs, entertainment, art and countless luxuries;
  • fuels our ocean and farm based food production
  • provides petrochemical feedstock without which modern society does not exist; and
  • Lights and heats our homes and offices.
Think about this, too.  With ACCESS to abundant, low priced energy and its benefits, the poorest among us are rich when compared with the majority of the world's population.  Without ACCESS to natural resource wealth, the enterprises above would not be paying taxes that support civilization's superstructure.
We will, therefore, be viewing presidential, congressional and state candidates through the very important lens of how they view the foundation of America's material prosperity: access to domestic energy (i.e. among other things).
Best wishes to us and our fellow countrymen as we observe and ponder the results of tonight's historical encounter.   
Commissioner Emeritus, 
Chairman Emeritus, 
Alaska Oil & Gas Congress
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