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Extra Edition: Without Pipelines the U.S. Could Go Dark

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Our good friends at the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) have produced an excellent report on the critical need for infrastructure development, specifically pipelines for oil and gas.


Their report found that by 2030, 31 percent of U.S. electricity generation capacity would be removed should the rejection of pipeline infrastructure projects continue at its current pace and if baseload generation options go offline unnecessarily.


Alaskan policy makers, at the state and federal level, along with the public should recognize this alarming trend. Without responsible resource development, and building out the critical infrastructure that goes along with it, the energy needs of Alaskans will be threatened. Delaying projects for political gain, endangers Alaskans and American jobs, could force utility rates higher and undermines U.S. security.


Poor policies focused on perceived short term gains, will generate negative consequences over the long run. Policy makers must correct the current track we are on to enable a sound energy sector, which translates into a healthy Alaskan economy.


Click here to read the full report.

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