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Extra Edition - What Will We Be Looking For?

Keithley: Two critical documents that Alaskans will soon see


Brad Keithley


In his blog "Thoughts on Alaska's Oil and Gas," Brad Keithley recently wrote about two critical documents that Alaskans will soon see, and, what we should expect from those. The Governor's budget is due, to the legislature, by December 15th. The Fall Revenue Sources Book, the guideline for responsible budgeting is expected at any time. Keithley does a great job of highlighting the perils and pitfalls that can come from either document.  Click here to read the entire post.


As we have said before on Headlamp, the incoming legislature must be disciplined in everything that they do, not only in regard to the budget, but in regard to how they prioritize tasks and allocate their time. What we WON'T be looking for is a repeat of last session (and for that matter every other session) where 614 bills were introduced, with only 116 passing, and the fiscal crisis not being dealt with.


Legislators tend to believe that introducing bills is always a good thing. Introducing hundreds of bills, many of them trivial, is not a substitute for solving Alaska's budget crisis.


Headlamp plans to keep a running tab of meaningless bills introduced in the 30th legislative session. We hope the number is 0.

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