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Extra Edition - Highlights from Day One of the Resource Development Council Annual Conference and Tradeshow

Jampacked conference


Yesterday was day one of the Resource Development Council's (RDC) 37th Annual Resources Conference and Tradeshow!


Headlamp attended part of the jampacked conference, and will be there again today. Many legislators were in attendance, and the Governor spoke in the afternoon.


Among those in attendance were the two new Co-Chairs of the House Resources Committee: Anchorage Democrats Andy Josephson and Geran Tarr. Last year both Tarr and Josephson advocated for higher taxes on the oil, gas and mining industries. Headlamp hopes that Josephson and Tarr listened carefully yesterday as the biggest job creators and tax payers in the state provided the recipe for Alaska's future.


Below are some of the best Tweets from the conference yesterday:


  • .@KaraGMoriarty: 2016 o&g highlight: Exciting new oil discoveries. Lowlight: Tax policy changed for 6th time in 11 years. #AKRDC2016 (AOGA)
  • Average cost to produce barrel of oil on North Slope of Alaska is $38. Government take in Alaska is 75%. #AKRDC2016 (Blythe Campbell)
  • Rex Rock, Sr w/.@ASRC_AK: We are now the owner of Shell's leases in Camden Bay. #akrdc2016 (AOGA)
  • A common theme among all industry reps when asked what agency has been most problematic to work with: EPA. #akrdc2016 (RDC)
  • Jepsen: @COP_Alaska is spending more money in Alaska in 2016 than it did in 2012, during historically high oil prices. (RDC)
  • Rock: Slamming the door shut on development does nothing to help my people now, or into the future. (RDC)
  • Holt of @CEAorg Energy is the lifeblood of this nation. If you are anti-energy, you are essentially pro-poverty. #akrdc2016 (Marleanna Hall)
  • "We don't want a seat at the table. It's our damn table!" @ASRC_AK pres. Rex Rock #akrdc2016 Hope you're listening President Obama @Potus (Jason Brune)
  • "We only have 6 large mines in Alaska. Just one new mine would bring much more revenue to Alaska than an increase in taxes" #akrdc2016 (Jason Brune)

Thanks to RDC for this great event!  


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