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CIPL Drift River Crude Oil Spill SITREP #: 5

SPILL #: 16239918401


TIME/DATE OF DISTRIBUTION:  3:00 p.m. October 7, 2016


INCIDENT LOCATION:  Drift River Terminal Facility (DRT facility), west side of Cook Inlet (Lat/Long: 60.602627/152.174166)  

TIME/DATE OF SPILL:  There were two spills discovered associated with over pressurization of the 20-inch fill line.  The first spill was discovered on July 2, 2016.  The second spill was discovered on July 28, 2016.   

HOW/WHEN SPILL WAS DISCOVERED AND REPORTED:  The spill reported on July 2 was discovered while a CIPL operator at DRT facility was conducting a facility inspection.  The spill discovered at 5 p.m. on July 28 was found while CIPL staff was conducting an inspection of the areas above the buried 20-inch fill line. This spill was reported to ADEC on July 29 at 8:45 a.m.  

TYPE/AMOUNT OF PRODUCT SPILLED:  On July 2, CIPL reported 14 gallons of crude oil inside a valve box and one gallon to the ground.  On July 29, CIPL reported a crude oil stain at the surface of one of the buried 20-inch fill line blind flanges in the pipe corridor between tanks 1 and 4.  The quantity of this spill is unknown. The stain area was reported by CIPL to be 24 feet by 24 feet by 30 feet (triangular surface measurement).  On August 10, free product was discovered while excavating a buried flange between tanks 2 and 3.  The total spill volume is unknown at this time.  CIPL will submit a spill volume estimate based on waste generated as part of the final report to ADEC.   

CAUSE OF SPILL:  Over pressurization of the 20-inch fill line while emptying two tanks in preparation for internal inspection.
On June 25, 2016, CIPL conducted an operation to pump down two tanks at the DRT facility and transfer their contents to one of the 270,000-barrel crude oil storage tanks approved for use.  The procedure used by the DRT facility indicated the transfer was being made to Tank 4.  However, the two tank contents were being transferred into Tank 3. The operation was being initiated at the same time that crude oil from the CIPL Crude Oil Transmission Pipeline (COTP) was being received into Tank 3 through the 20-inch fill line.  When transfer from the CIPL COTP was terminated for the day, the controller at the Kenai Gas Field closed the fill valve to Tank 3.  At that time the pump used to draw down the two tanks was still operating. Closing the fill valve to Tank 3 closed off the flow path of the oil from the two tanks into Tank 3. Due to the operations being conducted simultaneously, the closure of the valve to Tank 3, and the continued throughput from the two tanks, the 20inch fill line was over-pressurized.

SOURCE CONTROL:  The 20-inch fill line has been isolated and shut down.  The crude oil in the 20-inch line was removed on August 16.

RESPONSE ACTION:  On September 10, ADEC received CIPL’s soil sampling plan and subsequently approved it on September 15.  On September 20, CIPL operator Harvest reported an additional release of crude oil at dig site (DS) 1 that resulted from penetration of an abandoned 10-inch diameter pressure relief line during installation of sheet piling prior to beginning excavation to support the excavation walls.  Harvest reported the pressure relief line did not appear to leak oil until the line was unearthed.  A vacuum truck was used to immediately recover the crude oil and standing water in the excavation.  Harvest determined the crude oil and water mixture was 18 barrels, of which 1.5 barrels were oil and the remaining 16.5 barrels were water.  The additional excavation associated with the pressure relief line and plugging of that line were completed on September 25.   
Harvest completed excavation at DS 1 on September 29 and DS 3 on October 5.  Additional materials and equipment needed to commence work at DS 2 (area where stain was discovered on July 28) is scheduled to arrive next week.     
ADEC has been conducting one to two site visits a week to monitor the cleanup activities since the last SITREP.  

RESOURSES AT RISK:  No impacts to wildlife have been reported. Rust Slough/Drift River are adjacent to the facility and flow into Redoubt Bay of Cook Inlet. Terrestrial mammals (bears, moose) and nesting waterfowl may be present in the area.   

FUTURE PLANS AND RECOMMENDATIONS:  CIPL will commence soil excavation prep work at DS 2 and will commence excavation when additional materials and equipment arrive next week on a barge.  CIPL and ADEC will continue to assess and discuss the future of the 20-inch fill line system and testing required for the system.   
The next ADEC site visit is scheduled for Tuesday, October 11.

WEATHER:  Today: Mainly sunny; high 49°F; winds light and variable.  Tonight: Clear to partly cloudy; low 34°F; winds light and variable.  Tomorrow: Mostly sunny skies during the day and partly cloudy at night; high 49°F and low 37°F; winds light and variable. 


FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT:  Young Ha, ADEC, (907) 269-7544 http://dec.alaska.gov/spar/ppr/response/sum_fy16/160702201/160702201_index.htm


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