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Bad Bill of the Week - Off to a Bad Start

Top 4 bad bills of the week?


As Headlamp sat down to determine this week's Bad Bill of the Week, we realized we can't do it. It's week one of the 30th Legislative Session and we can't narrow it down to just a single bill. 


During his State of the State address Wednesday night, Governor Walker told Alaskans "we're in our gravest fiscal crisis in state history." Legislators have shown that they don't see the crisis the way the Governor and Headlamp do, because they continue to introduce bills that do nothing to solve our financial situation or strengthen the private sector that is in the midst of a recession.


Every hour, actually every minute, spent in a Legislative hearing discussing these bills is a disservice to the public, a waste of the Legislature's time and a drain on Alaska's dwindling bank account. Here are a few for you to chew on:


Once again, Headlamp calls on those we've elected to lead. Now is not the time for pandering to special interests and monopolizing the 90 day session with legislation that doesn't move Alaska forward. Headlamp isn't saying some of the proposed legislation doesn't have merit, however, we are saying now is not the time. Get the state's fiscal house in order, and then Senator Stevens can explain to us why we should establish a museum construction grant program in the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.


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