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BP’s Prudhoe Bay Central Power Station Approved for Voluntary Protection Program


Alaska Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development

BP Alaska has two VPP locations: its Central Power Station and its Central Compression Plant & Gas Facility.

JUNEAU, AK—Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Heidi Drygas renewed approval of BP Exploration Alaska’s Central Power Station for the Alaska Occupational Safety and Health (AKOSH) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) at the “Star” or highest level as a result of outstanding employee safety and health programs.

“Central Power Station (CPS) has been in the program since 1999. At CPS, employees believe in the power of a Team to go above and beyond. Recertification of VPP is evidence of BP Exploration Alaska’s exemplary occupational safety and health program,” said BP Exploration Alaska Industrial Hygienist Beatrice Egbejimba. “The VPP program is an opportunity to partner with AKOSH while showcasing and enhancing our safety and health culture. VPP supports BP Exploration Alaska’s culture of caring and empowers employees to share this culture with family and friends outside of the workplace.”

VPP recognizes and promotes effective workplace safety and health management through a cooperative program between a company’s management, employees and AKOSH.

“Participating in the Voluntary Protection Program illustrates an employer’s steadfast commitment to worker safety,” said Labor Commissioner Heidi Drygas. “I applaud BP Exploration Alaska’s Central Power Station employees for their efforts in managing and maintaining occupational safety and health.”

As a VPP Star recipient, BP Exploration Alaska’s Central Power Station won’t be subject to random enforcement inspections for a period of five years. Enforcement regulations remain in effect, however, and cases of employee complaints, accident investigations or other significant incidents will result in an enforcement inspection. Participation in the program is voluntary.

There are nine sites in Alaska with the AKOSH VPP designation. For a complete listing of the sites and more information about the program, go to http://labor.alaska.gov/lss/vpp-participants.html


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