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Alaska's Need for Interior Gas Project

Morning Headlamp, November 2, 2016


Give the people what they want. According to a Fairbanks Daily News Miner editorial, an interior gas project should be high priority for Alaska in the near future.


According to the News Miner, "as oil and gas prices continue to slump and local officials express concern that the project may once again be bogging down, it's a tough picture for the project. But the goal of long-term, low-cost energy supply for the Interior is one that residents should continue to support…Only five years ago, heating fuel prices were double their current level, with some residents leaving the community or curtailing business plans because of the outrageous cost. The Interior still needs a long-term supply of clean, affordable energy, because it would be just as easy for prices to shoot back up to their former levels."


Headlamp has written before about the folly of pursuing a project that isn't commercially viable. The delay in the project can only be overcome with government subsidies. 


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