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Alaska LNG & North Korean Risk

and more insightful commentary


Dave Harbour

NGP Photo

Alaska hopes major customers for its currently uneconomic North Slope LNG project will be Japan and the Republic of Korea.


In our Alaska World Affairs Council speech, we considered Ak-LNG project risks, including the one posed by an unpredictable and hostile North Korean belligerent .


We also continued to question Alaska's government having equity and/or management involvement in such a private enterprise project in the first place.


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We keep you updated on Canadian LNG project socio-political challenges, not that much different from those encountered in the U.S.

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We don't issue email alerts daily.  But we should mention yesterday's commentary on the "fair share" myth.  


Las Vegas entrepreneur Steve Wynn recently addressed the "fair share" deception.  That deception continues to be propagated in Alaska amid today's "low oil price environment."  The concept is promoted by those fighting to keep government whole at the expense of private investors, a large range of private sector employee jobs and a sustainable economy.






"Hope springs eternal, but hope is not a strategy."




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Alaska Oil & Gas Congress


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