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Alaska Gas Project Logic

Hope is not a realistic strategy


Dave Harbour

Photo by Rich Berkowitz, Seattle Chamber of Commerce

Readers may have noted we've been in progress of implementing a new webpage format.  Indeed, we've had a few challenges to solve, little by little.

Today, we offer a little entertainment on the home page: more current and historical photos of our readers, friends and industry participants, hundreds of them.  And, we'll be adding hundreds more.  You'll see them in the upper left slide box and will  recognize some of our great energy leaders involved in Alaskan and Northern Canadian energy projects over the last half century.   The same photo will appear on daily posts, lower right.
While adding new features slows down your loading of Northern Gas Pipelines, we're working on that, too.   Thank you for your patience.
Today, we bring you a commentary on Alaska's gas pipeline/LNG project.  We also explain why a new, Koch Brother's outreach to the minority community is an important and REASONABLE communication effort.
We are honored to have many of our readers with us for these past 15+ years.  We are grateful for the opportunity to continue with you into this new year.  You have made this labor of love possible, for without your interest, our efforts would fall like dead trees in a silent forest.  
So, in wishing you a "Happy 2017" at the end of this first week of the new year, we also say, "Thank you".
Commissioner Emeritus, 
Chairman Emeritus, 
Alaska Oil & Gas Congress
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