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Northern Regions Mining Summit


How do permitting systems allow timely business decisions while responding to robust public participation and environmental risk considerations? How do Northern communities attract investment and benefit from infrastructure and workforce development? Where do governance and industry impact local social and human development? How can Northern jurisdictions create a straightforward regulatory framework that encourages both business investment and community benefit?

Essentially, what is the “recipe for northern mining success?”

These complex and interconnected questions will all be examined during the Northern Regions Mining Summit, which is hosted by Institute of the North May 28-30 in Vancouver. The Summit will address the social, cultural and economic impact and opportunity of mineral resource development for Northern peoples in Alaska, Canada and Greenland. This will be an exceptional and unique forum for exploring the relationship between effectively developing the North’s rich mineral resources for the benefit of Northern peoples.

Topics will touch upon a multitude of issues involving Northern Mining operations encompassing the themes of Effective Governance, Commercial Interest and Reality, and Social Well-Being and Health. The Summit will draw upon a rich and diverse group of presenters, representing local, state and national governments, industry and the support sector, as well as research organizations. Furthermore, interactive panel discussions and workshops will be utilized to produce an outcome shaped by facilitated participation of Summit attendees. The roster of presenters includes:

  • Patrick Borbey, President, Canadian Northern Development Agency
  • The Honorable Cathy Giessel, Senator, Alaska State Legislature
  • Deborah Archibald, Assistant Deputy Minister – Devolution Implementation, Dept. of Industry, Tourism and Investment, Government of Northwest Territories

This conversation is timely and responsive to Arctic Council decisions related to an Arctic Economic Council, but moreover to Canada’s Arctic Council chairmanship theme of Development for the People of the North. Results will benefit companies who hope to explore and produce in the North American Arctic, governments tasked with ensuring risk mitigation and impact benefit, and northern communities who provide a social license to operate.

200-300 participants are expected from Alaska, Canada and Greenland; all of whom will be working together to produce a tangible product from the proceedings that provides guidance for future Arctic development. Registration, the draft agenda and more information can be found at www.institutenorth.org/NRMS.

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