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They're After Coal Now -- But We're Next!

Issues are not isolated


Yes, we started Northern Gas Pipelines 15 years ago to address the many in-common efforts by Alaskans and Canadians to monetize their Arctic Gas resources.  
But we soon found that Northern Gas Pipeline issues are not isolated from North America's more general energy, tax, legislative, regulatory, environmental, economic and political debates.
This is why on this last day of this week we bring you today's valuable archive addition: current links and commentary helping readers understand the international relationships between political attacks on Coal to survival of our other natural resource industries -- and the prosperity of civilization itself.
Thank you for reading and thank you for caring.
Commissioner Emeritus, 
Chairman Emeritus, 
P.S.  Readers will note that while our new website is becoming more and more functional, more remains to be done.  We hope you will continue to see proper links activated in coming weeks as we seek full functionality of our hundreds of thousands of archived news, reports, editorials, presentations, maps, photos, reader comments, endorsements, links and other references.  THANK YOU for your patience!    -dh
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