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Extra Edition: Merry Christmas from the EPA

Employee misconduct and criminal behavior


With under a month before President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States, employees at Alaskans least favorite federal agency – the EPA – are racking up quite the rap sheet. A great article, published on December 20, 2016 by Kevin Bogardus of E&E News covered this fascinating topic.


Headlamp is republishing the following article with the permission of E&E News:*

EPA Employee misconduct cases on rise — IG

Misbehavior by U.S. EPA employees is at a high level, according to the agency's internal watchdog.

Yesterday, EPA's Office of Inspector General released its annual plan for fiscal 2017.

As of Oct. 1, this year, the IG had 208 pending investigative cases, including more than a third involving employee misconduct.

"Employee misconduct is also high at 77 cases (37 percent of our work)," the report says.

The report adds, "These cases have been on the rise because of recent attention from Congress, and because of the attention garnered as a result of our investigative successes being publicized in the media."

Further, 93 of the pending cases are involving fraud.

For the IG's Office of Investigations, its goals for fiscal 2017 include contributing to improving EPA and Chemical Safety Board programs as well as auditing and investigating those agencies. The EPA IG also has oversight over CSB.

Some of those expected investigations will include financial fraud, contract laboratory fraud as well as threats directed against EPA and CSB employees and their facilities.

The IG will also keep following up on tips from its hotline as well as dig into any allegations of criminal conduct by employees.


Headlamp reminds our readers that employee misconduct and criminal behavior has been an ongoing problem at the EPA: see here, here and here. This latest round of derelict behavior by employees of a taxpayer funded agency is truly nauseating, especially given the EPA's job killing, anti-development record in Alaska.


Headlamp has high hopes that under President-elect Trump this type of behavior will be stamped out once and for all. Oh, how we'd like to send the EPA some clean burning Alaskan coal for Christmas…ho, ho, ho. 

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