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Lose Weight Now - The Whale Fat Follies


This year is the THIRTIETH ANNIVERSARY of The Whale Fat Follies! Here are the Facts:

Over 758,000 people have seen The Follies, and we have counted 800 laughs per show in over 4200 shows. Science has shown that your body loses .001 pounds per laugh.

Therefore, in 30 years, The Whale Fat Follies has enabled our audiences to lose 606,960 Pounds! That is the entire weight of the cities of Seward and Talkeetna combined!

We’d love to see you at The Whale Fat Follies, but beware---you may have to buy smaller underpants.

Whale Fat Follies -Lose Weight Now

The Whale Fat Follies is Alaska’s greatest satirical musical comedy extravaganza, and tickets are now available. But please be forewarned: If our politicians get any funnier, you may disappear entirely.

Whale Fat Follies

Special Limited Engagement.
June 14—August 17
It's the shortest run in the history of
The Whale Fat Follies.

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays
June 14th thru August 17that 6:45pm

At The Taproot

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