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Health Fair Update September 28, 2015


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Hear your heart. 
Heart your health.


Flower Beautiful
  • Ultimate Health with Doctor Fitch; answering questions about health from around Alaska 
  • Special announcements: free diabetes blood tests, flu shots & more 
  • Upcoming Health Fairs
  • Life-saving medical evacuation services made affordable for all Alaskans 
Dear Friend! 
One of the distinguishing features of AHF Health Fairs is our uncompromising focus on accurate and relevant health education. We partner with numerous educators each year to help you stay healthy. 
We are proud to present a new section of our newsletter, Ultimate Health with Doctor Michael Fitch. A frequent guest speaker on radio and TV shows, an active community member, and an award-winning volunteer, Doctor Michael Fitch will be making his expertise available to you. There’s a good chance you will meet him at one of our Fairs this fall.
Andrei Chakine
Executive Director



Ultimate Health with Doctor Michael Fitch
Dr Fitch
“I want to congratulate you on making the decision to invest in yourself to feel and look your best. My name is Dr. Michael Fitch. I have been a Family Medicine Physician since 2007 and have found it to be the greatest fit for my unique skills. 
Originally from North Carolina, I decided to go into the field of Family Medicine as I found that a preventative and comprehensive approach to patient care is the key to aging gracefully. My family and I are also very excited about the wonderful culture and diversity that Alaska has to offer. We are sure that we are in a great place to raise our family, grow together with the community, and become a wonderful addition to your health goals. 
As a Family Medicine Doctor, We Care. Our practice focuses on comprehensive health care, from acute illness to chronic diseases. By providing outstanding health care and patient education, we deliver the best system for your recovery and improvement. While we see the need to treat illnesses, we are also focused on prevention of diseases and maintaining energy and health. In cooperation with the Alaska Health Fair, we look forward to sharing valuable education that will be a benefit to you and your family. Wellness starts with a single step, congratulations on making yours today. 
Dr. Michael Fitch" 
Dr. Fitch will answer some of your questions in our next newsletter.



Special Announcements
  • FREE Diabetes Blood Tests (A1C) at Fairs this fall. AHF is providing hundreds of free diabetes blood tests at Health Fairs this fall in partnership with the State of Alaska DHSS, GVEA Good Cents Foundation, and generous donations from Alaskans who supported us through Pick.Click.Give - Thank You! Together, we will make a dent in diabetes! Simply ask for a free A1C test at AHF Health Fairs. Bring your friends and family to learn about diabetes and take advantage of the free tests! 
  • FREE Flu Shots at Anchorage Make it Alaskan! Festival. United Way of Anchorage and partners are planning to give away 1,000 free flu shots at Make it Alaskan! Festival/Health Fair. Big Thanks! The Festival is scheduled for October 2 – 4 at Sullivan Arena (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), please see details below. Get you flu shot now and enjoy your winter and spring flu-free. We also offer flu shots at our other events.



Flower Blue
Upcoming Health Fairs
Featuring free diabetes blood tests (A1C) & more 
  • FairbanksFree diabetes blood tests (A1C),* affordable and Medicare-covered flu shots available. Thursday, October 1, 8am - Noon, Fairbanks Community Health Fair at JP Jones Community Development Center, 2400 Rickert St, Fairbanks, AK 99701.
  • AnchorageFree flu shots & free diabetes blood tests (A1C)* Friday, October 2; Saturday, October 3; Sunday, October 4 - Anchorage Community Health Fair at "Make it Alaskan!" Festival, Sullivan Arena (blood draws and flu shots upstairs); 1600 Gambell St., Anchorage, AK 99501. Event hours: Noon to 8pm on Friday; 10am to 7pm on Saturday, 11 am to 6pm on Sunday. This event is done in partnership with Make it Alaskan! Festival. Admission is free on Friday. It is possible that Make it Alaskan! will charge a small fee on other days. Alaska Health Fair is hosting a health and wellness alley at the Festival, with blood draws, flu shots, educational exhibits & more. The Festival is dedicated to everything that's made in Alaska. Here's a link to the Festival's page: http://www.makeitalaskanfestival.com
  • Anchorage - Free diabetes blood tests (A1C)* Saturday, October 3, 9am – 1pm. Hispanic Health Fair, Clark Middle School, 150 Bragaw St., Anchorage, AK 99508 Celebration of Health for the Hispanic Community in Anchorage ~ Celebración de Salud para la Comunidad Hispana en Anchorage. Everyone is welcome to attend!
  • Juneau – this is our last Health Fair in Juneau this year! Free diabetes blood tests (A1C)* will be offered at this event. Saturday, October 3, 8am - Noon; Juneau Community Health Fair at Nugget Mall, 8745 Glacier Hwy, Juneau, AK 99801. We love you, Juneau! 
  • Nome - Free diabetes blood tests (A1C)* Thursday, October 8, 3pm – 7pm; Friday, October 9, 7am – 1pm; Nome Community Health Fair, Nome Recreation Center, (blood draws are on Friday, from 7am to Noon). 208 E 6th Ave, Nome, AK 99762 
  • Girdwood - Free diabetes blood tests (A1C)* Saturday, October 10, 9am – 1pm. Girdwood Health Fair, Community Center, 250 Egloff Dr, Girdwood, AK 99587 
  • Mat-su - Free diabetes blood tests (A1C)* Wednesday, October 14, 8:30am – 11:30am. Health Fair by Palmer Senior Citizens Center, 1132 S Chugach St, Palmer, AK 99645 
*We are offering hundreds of free diabetes A1C blood tests, but supplies are limited. First come, first serve. Simply ask for a free A1C test at the Fairs above. 
More Health Fairs are coming up! 



Medical evacuation services made affordable for all Alaskans 
Guardian Flight
The dangers of emergency air medical transportation costs are real and Apollo MT by Guardian Flight (AMT) offers a valuable, tangible solution. If you’re faced with a medical emergency, the last thing you want to worry about is the bill. Air transportation costs can be tens of thousands of dollars per flight. 
Curtis 2
AMT’s standard policy will cover you and your family for an entire year for just $125. AMT is providing a great service at an unbelievable price. They are also supporting Alaska Health Fair events this year, and we are glad we can highlight their offerings. 
Curtis Rappleye with AMT is our primary contact, give him a call to learn more at (907) 245-6230. Or come to our Fairs and chat with Curtis in person at AMT’s booth. Click here to visit AMT website.
About AHF 
Alaska Health Fair, Inc. is the provider of the oldest and most popular health fairs in Alaska. We have been serving Alaskans for generations, since 1980. We offer a unique event model where Alaskans can access health education, health screenings, and tests. Around 35,000 people attend our events in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and 50 other communities each year. We expect to serve thousands of Alaskans this Health Fair season, who value our fast, affordable, professional, and quality service.
* Quote in header - Hear your heart. Heart your health. - by Terri Guillemets
We are featuring photos of Alaskan flowers, landscapes, etc. in our newsletters. Would you like us to feature one of your photos? Send it our way to ahfair@ak.net.  
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  • Help your business or nonprofit grow while connecting with your community and educating Alaskans on important health topics. Click here to learn more.
  • To discuss sponsorship/partnership opportunities, please call our office at (907) 278-0234, ask for Executive Director.
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