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Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute Expands Services

Offering Outpatient Cardiac Electrophysiology Procedures


ANCHORAGE, ALASKA – The Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute (AHVI) recently remodeled its Cardiac Cath Lab & Cardiovascular Surgery Center (ACSC), adding new procedural equipment such as a custom designed equipment boom, surgical lighting and a much larger image monitor. The new 65-inch HDMI monitor can display up to eight different images at once providing a greater amount of information to the doctors while they work.  The new equipment boom is self-contained with electrical resources and secure equipment shelving allows physicians to easily position necessary equipment exactly where they need it. 


Additionally, AHVI’s physicians integrated state-of-the-art 3-D cardiac mapping software into the Cath Lab. This revolutionary technology, combined with the upgraded equipment, makes it possible to offer patients sophisticated electrophysiology (EP) studies and cardiac ablations in an outpatient setting.  The new 3-D high-tech software allows physicians to monitor and analyze the electrical activity in the heart in real time. The information gathered during the EP studies guides the physicians as they determine the best intervention for each patient’s unique heart rhythm problems.  


Cardiac ablation can correct a variety of arrhythmias. The upgraded Cath Lab and EP software at AHVI now makes this procedure possible for patients who meet the outpatient selection criteria. The procedure is performed with a catheter that is inserted into a blood vessel in the groin. The catheter is threaded through the blood vessel into the heart where the doctor can apply radiofrequency energy, laser energy or freezing temperature to remove abnormal heart tissue, often the cause of irregular heartbeats. Since this procedure does not require an incision into the chest wall, it is considered a minimally-invasive procedure that carries a lower risk for patients. 


“Our entire team strives to provide Alaskans with the highest level and most advanced care available throughout every step of the cardiovascular health care process. The upgrades to our Cath Lab are a key example of that commitment,” said Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute CEO Robert T. Craig. “Our physicians maintain Cardiac Board Certifications and the majority of our Clinic, Cath lab and Surgery Center staff are experts in their field.  We are excited to be able to provide the newest technology throughout our organization to match their distinctive capabilities.  Our goal is to consistently provide service excellence to our patients.”


To learn more about the Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute, and its Catheterization Lab or ACSC, visit www.AlaskaHeart.com


About Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute

The Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute (AHVI) provides first-class cardiovascular care, screening and imaging. The outpatient Cath Lab and Surgery Center (ACSC) offers Alaskans a unique opportunity to receive minimally-invasive cardiac interventions and go home the same day. The Center provides patients with comprehensive care before, during and after surgery.  The ACSC is the only cardiovascular outpatient center in Alaska and one of only a handful in the Northwest.  AHVI’s mission is to provide quality cardiac healthcare services to Alaskans that respond to individual, family and community needs. The AHVI standard is that every patient receives the highest quality and most advanced patient care available. The ultimate goal of every patient encounter is to ensure patients achieve and maintain the best health possible.

With five locations across the state, the AHVI team is committed to providing a relaxing atmosphere where patients and families feel welcome and supported.  AHVI takes great pride in the quality, talent and experience of its physicians, advanced practice providers and experienced staff.

More information is available at www.alaskaheart.com.


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