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Alaska Health Fair 2015 Update

The Greatest Wealth is Health


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The Greatest Wealth is Health


Fall Flowers
Good Morning!
We hope you are having a great weekend! Here's a quick update from Alaska Health Fair.
We are a nonprofit and we are offering the same unbelievably great prices for our famous comprehensive blood tests, in partnership with PAML, one of the top ranking clinical laboratories in the Nation:
  • Our most popular - 27-panel Blood Chemistry Screen - covers diabetes, liver health, heart health, anemia, kidney health, coronary heart disease, clotting ability, and many more vital indicators! - $45 
  • Thyroid Screen - $30 
  • Prostate Disease Screen - $25 
  • Vitamin D Screen - $50 
  • A1C diabetes - $25 
  • BloodTyping-$20
Accomplish tests with AHF this year and save hundreds of dollars. Take the results to your doctor.
Upcoming Health Fairs
Mark your calendars, and don't forget to bring your friends:
  • Chugiak - Saturday, September 26, 8am - Noon, Chugiak Community Health Fair at Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center, 22424 Birchwood Loop Rd, Chugiak, AK 99567
  • Delta Junction - Saturday, September 26, 8am - Noon; Delta Junction Community Health Fair, Delta Elementary School, 2659 Nistler Road, Delta Junction, AK 99737
  • Yakutat - Saturday, September 26, 9am - Noon; Yakutat Community Health Fair, Yakutat Highschool Library, 429 Forest Hwy, Yakutat, AK 99689
  • Fairbanks - Thursday, October 1, 8am - Noon, Fairbanks Community Health Fair at JP Jones Community Development Center, 2400 Rickert St, Fairbanks, AK 99701
  • Anchorage - Friday, October 2; Saturday, October 3; Sunday, October 4 - Anchorage Community Health Fair at "Make it Alaskan!" Festival, Sullivan Arena (blood draws upstairs); 1600 Gambell St., Anchorage, AK 99501. Event hours: Noon to 8pm on Friday; 10am to 7pm on Saturday, 11 am to 6pm on Sunday. This event is done in partnership with Make it Alaskan! Festival. Admission is free on Friday. It is possible that Make it Alaskan! will charge a small admission fee on other days. Alaska Health Fair is hosting a health and wellness alley at the Festival, with blood draws, educational exhibits & more. The Festival is dedicated to everything that's made in Alaska. Here's a link to the Festival's page: http://www.makeitalaskanfestival.com 
  • Juneau - Saturday, October 3, 8am - Noon; Juneau Community Health Fair at Nugget Mall, 8745 Glacier Hwy, Juneau, AK 99801.
Comprehensiveness is Key 
Having the complete picture of your health works to eliminate the guesswork and gives you data you can then take meaningful action on. Get all your blood tests done at our Health Fairs to save time and money. Simply ask for a wellness package of your choice when you come to an AHF Health Fair. 
Complete Women’s Wellness Package – includes comprehensive Chemistry/Hematology Profile (Infection, Anemia, Liver Disease, Clotting ability, Kidney and adrenal function, Liver function, Bone disease, Tissue disease or damage, Heart function, Liver function, Muscle function, Coronary heart disease), Thyroid Screen (Thyroid function), Vitamin D Screen (Bone metabolism, Parathyroid function), and A1C Screen (Diabetes, Glucose) – $150. 
Complete Men’s Wellness Package – includes comprehensive Chemistry/Hematology Profile (Infection, Anemia, Liver Disease, Clotting ability, Kidney and adrenal function, Liver function, Bone disease, Tissue disease or damage, Heart function, Liver function, Muscle function, Coronary heart disease), Thyroid Screen (Thyroid function), Vitamin D Screen (Bone metabolism, Parathyroid function), A1C Screen (Diabetes, Glucose), and Prostate Disease Screen – $175.
Gift certificates are available, call (907) 278-0234.



Update from Sharon Phillips, Tanana Valley Program Director
Sharon Phillips
"The Tanana Valley Program produces Alaska Health Fair events for all communities north of Talkeetna and Glenallen (about 80% of the state land mass, which supports 20% of the residential population base). Our northern volunteers staff a variety of health education and support sections in remote locations and help to put on the best event possible for their specific community or worksite. They should feel proud of their efforts, as they are an immensely important piece of the efforts to help keep the wheels turning smoothly at an Alaska Health Fair event. Their services are invaluable to our local rural and remote communities and the variety of residents that live in these distant parts of the state. There are only two paid individuals at an AHF event, the Program Director and the Lead Phlebotomist (who many times donates her money back to AHF). Please think about that when you arrive at an event with 20 to 40 volunteers doing the best to meet a participant’s needs and then please take time to “thank a volunteer”. 
We also greatly appreciate our office volunteers, who show up at the office in all kinds of weather and support the annual processes that must take place. You might just hear from them during the year. 
The Fall 2015 season includes Nome and Delta Junction are some of the 8 TVP fairs in a 5 week period. This year the GVEA Good Cents Foundation has provided support for our mission to promote statewide health education and preventative screenings and vision of optimal health for all Alaskans, by funding 300 A1C Diabetes blood tests for those in need. They have also supported our outreach to distant communities over recently. 
We are located at 1949 Gillam Way, Suite #414, Fairbanks, Alaska. Have a wonderful Fall!"
Sharon Phillips, Alaska Health Fair Tanana Valley Program Director



Volunteer at Health Fairs
Volunteer at AHF
We are accepting volunteer applications for all areas of Alaska. Click here to learn more and to register. Call us with any questions (907) 278-0234.
Become an Exhibitor
 Space is Free, As Always
Exhibit at AHF
We view our health fairs as a way for Alaskans to connect with their local health and wellness resources and learn about important health topics. Thousands of Alaskans attend our events each year. Visit our website to learn more and to register. Exhibitor space is free but subject to availability for each event. Call us with any questions (907) 278-0234.


About AHF 
Alaska Health Fair, Inc. is the provider of the oldest and most popular health fairs in Alaska. We have been serving Alaskans for generations, since 1980. We offer a unique event model where Alaskans can access health education, health screenings, and tests. Around 35,000 people attend our events in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and 50 other communities each year. We expect to serve thousands of Alaskans this Health Fair season, who value our fast, affordable, professional, and quality service.
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  • Help your business or nonprofit grow while connecting with your community and educating Alaskans on important health topics. Click here to learn more.
  • To discuss partnership opportunities, please call our office at (907) 278-0234, ask for Executive Director.
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