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ACA Repeal Bill Destroys Healthcare for Alaskans

Drastic impact for Alaskans


Chaos & Martial Law On Capitol Hill?


Governor Walker Makes a Stand


Lisa Throws Down


New CBO Report & Alaska Specific CBPP Report


ANCHORAGE, Alaska - March 23, 2017 - We are well aware of the eccentricities in Washington DC. The planned, and now delayed, vote by the House of Representatives has been delayed to Friday at noon. Based on the information Protect Our Care Alaska has received, the American Health Care Act (ACA Repeal Bill) will categorically decimate Alaskan Health Care on a staggering level – essential health benefits (EHB), health care jobs, Medicaid, and services, not to mention Alaska Native and rural health care. 


If you missed Lisa Murkowski's Facebook LIVE event. Check it out HERE



Governor Walker comes forward addressing federal legislation drastically impacting Alaskan's Health Care more specifically, the "coverage of behavioral health services for Alaska’s Medicaid expansion population is critical to our behavioral health reform and criminal justice reform efforts...It also provides necessary treatment resources to address the opioid epidemic in Alaska."  Full release HERE


New CBPP Report on Alaskan Health Care

The House Republican health care plan would impose on Alaska the nation’s largest cut in premium tax credits, a five-fold increase in state costs for new enrollees if Alaska wanted to maintain its Medicaid expansion, and the elimination of key health benefits for Alaska Natives.  While the plan would seriously harm all states, Alaska would face a “perfect storm” of detrimental effects that would gut its Medicaid program, destabilize its individual health insurance market, and widen disparities in health coverage.  In short, Alaskans would likely lose more under the House plan than residents of any other state.


Harmful Effects Would Ripple Across Alaska’s Insurance Market 

Alaskans would face by far the largest cut in tax credits — and largest increase in total out-of-pocket health care costs — in the nation.  The House bill sharply reduces tax credits that help people pay individual-market premiums.  Alaska would see by far the nation’s largest reduction in tax credits, averaging $10,500 (nearly 80 percent) for current marketplace consumers in 2020. Full Report HERE


New CBO Report out today HERE. 


Three new procedural developments have happened in Washington:

  • Members of the House have invoked an arcane provision called “martial law” which lets them vote on a bill immediately after amendments are approved without waiting for nonpartisan analysis or even time for people to read it.


  • According to reports from Politico and others, to win over their caucus, they have offered to eliminate “essential health benefits” - which means allowing insurance companies to stop covering things people expect like maternity care, check-ups for your kids or birth control at no cost. Any prescription drug, hospital visits - or even doctor visits - or care for mental health or substance abuse issues such as opioids. Full list is below.


  • A growing group of moderate members including Sen. Murkowski have come out against the bill citing things like the expected cost hikes, especially on those between 50 and 65 and coverage losses, among others.


Here is the full list of what plans currently have to cover that is newly on the chopping block:

  • Doctor’s visits and outpatient care
  • Trips to the emergency room
  • Hospitalization (reminder: average 3 day stay can cost $30,000)
  • Maternity care and newborn care (a c-section can cost $50,000)
  • Mental health and substance abuse disorder services, including behavioral health treatment
  • Prescription drugs
  • Services and devices that help individuals recover from an injury
  • Lab tests
  • Preventive and wellness services, and chronic disease management (cancer screenings, vaccines)
  • Pediatric services, including dental care and vision for kids

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