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Winter Moose Hunt Opens in Game Management Unit 17A


(DILLINGHAM) – The Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, are announcing the opening of a 31-day winter moose hunting season in Game Management Unit 17A. The hunt will be open January 1-31, 2016, with a bag limit of two moose. Hunters who harvested a moose during the current regulatory year are eligible to participate in this hunt, but can only take one additional moose.   

There are two important changes to this winter hunt from decisions made at the February 2015 Board of Game meeting:  

• The bull-moose hunt was changed to an “antlered” bull-moose hunt.

• The cow hunt was changed to an “antlerless” moose hunt.  

Aerial counts conducted in March 2011, when the moose population was last surveyed, indicated at least 1,166 moose in Unit 17(A). High rates of moose calf production and survival observed since the survey indicate that the population can sustain additional harvest. To keep harvests within sustainable limits, the cow season will be closed by emergency order and federal special action when a quota of 10 cows is reached. The bull harvest will be closed by similar action when the quota of 15 bulls is reached.   

To participate, hunters must possess a valid Alaska state hunting license and at least one state registration permit (RM575 and/or RM576). Hunters will be allowed to shoot one antlered bull if they have registration permit RM575 in their possession and/or one antlerless moose if they have permit RM576. Hunters are required to have both permits to shoot two moose (one antlered bull and one antlerless moose). Hunters who have already taken a moose in fall 2015 can only shoot one additional moose.  

Registration permits will be available at the department’s Dillingham office and Togiak Traditional Council office. Successful hunters are required to report to the department’s Dillingham office (phone: 907-842-2334) or the Togiak Traditional Council (phone: 907-493-5003) within 24 hours of killing a moose. All permit reports must be returned to the department by February 15, 2016.   

For additional information contact the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Dillingham at 907-842-2334, or U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, at 907-842-1063.  


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