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Situation Report 2 - Dalton Hwy MP 86 Truck Rollover



Division of Spill Prevention and Response
Prevention and Emergency Response Program


Colville Truck Rollover Dalton Highway MP 86


SPILL #: 15309905601

TIME/DATE OF DISTRIBUTION: 2:45 p.m. February 26, 2015


INCIDENT LOCATION: Dalton Highway milepost 86, approximately 30 miles north of the Dalton Highway Yukon River crossing.

TIME/DATE OF SPILL: The incident occurred at 9:00am on February 25, 2015. Colville reported the spill to ADEC at 11:18 a.m. on February 25, 2015.

TYPE/AMOUNT OF PRODUCT SPILLED: The Colville tractor-trailer was transporting ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD). Colville estimates approximately 3,000 gallons of ULSD was released to the environment. Fuel transferred from the affected trailer was loaded into another trailer for transportation to Deadhorse. Upon arrival, recovered fuel will be metered to determine the exact amount of product released.

CAUSE OF SPILL: Single vehicle truck accident, the cause of the accident is still under investigation. A hatch on the rear trailer compartment was breached after colliding with a 10 inch diameter spruce tree.

SOURCE CONTROL: The trailer was offloaded and retrieved from the ditch during the evening of February 25, 2015. Source control has been achieved.

RESPONSE ACTION: Colville has hired Emerald Services (Alaska), Inc. and ERM Alaska, Inc. to assist with the cleanup. The remaining fuel was transferred out of the trailer during the evening on February 25, 2015, and both tractor and trailer were retrieved from the ditch. Emerald responders initiated a partial delineation of the spill site during the evening of February 25, 2015, but were required to stop due to fading light conditions. No pooled product was discovered during yesterday’s delineation effort. Delineation of the affected area will continue today.
Two ADEC responders are on site to oversee response actions. The Dalton Highway remains open in the area, although drivers are being asked to proceed with caution near the spill site.

RESOURCES AFFECTED: To be determined. Snow depth on site is approximately two-to-three feet. Delineation activities will occur today; the exact resources affected will be identified during that effort.

FUTURE PLANS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: ADEC will continue to monitor the response. ADEC will review plans being developed by Colville to contain and recover released product. Cleanup actions are expected to begin tomorrow.