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Situation Report 1 - Big State Logistics MP271 Parks Hwy Rollover


Tanker trailer rolled over along the roadway. Unaffected pup trailer not visible.

Photo by Wes Ghormley/ADEC


Division of Spill Prevention and Response
Prevention and Emergency Response Program


Big State Logistics MP271 Parks Hwy Rollover


SPILL #: 15309911101

TIME/DATE OF DISTRIBUTION: 1:00 p.m. April 21, 2015


INCIDENT LOCATION: Parks Highway milepost 271, approximately 20 miles north of Healy.

TIME/DATE OF SPILL: The incident occurred at approximately 2:30 a.m. on April 21, 2015.

HOW/WHEN SPILL WAS DISCOVERED: Big State reported the incident to the ADEC after-hours phone service at 2:45 a.m.

TYPE/AMOUNT OF PRODUCT SPILLED: It is currently estimated by Big State Logistics, Inc. that 2,000 gallons of #1 diesel was released to State-owned land, in the DOT right-of-way.

CAUSE OF SPILL: Vehicle accident. A Big State tanker-trailer hauling #1 diesel fuel on the Parks Highway left the road and rolled over, damaging the front tanker. Diesel fuel was released when the front tanker compartment was ruptured during the incident. The cause of the incident is under investigation.

SOURCE CONTROL: The damaged tanker continues to leak from the manhole. There is also a pup trailer with a 5000 gallon capacity that is upright and not impacted by the accident. A second tanker truck is on site to pump out the remaining fuel from the tankers as soon as they are accessible. Fuel is also being recovered on the roadway alongside the tanker.

RESPONSE ACTION: Big State Logistics, Inc. dispatched their response truck and crew to the incident early this morning. ADEC dispatched a responder from Fairbanks at that time, a second responder is en route. A vac-truck and an empty tanker for recovery were also sent to the site. Responders pumped fuel from the ditch with a small pump into 55 gallon barrels and are using the vac-truck to recover standing fuel. Responders pumped approximately 250 gallons of fuel from the ditch next to the wreck. An estimated 1800 gallons of fuel remains in the compromised tanker compartment, and 5800 gallons in the middle and rear compartments. Sorbent material has been laid down on the roadway to collect spilled fuel and prevent further spread of diesel before additional response activities can begin (i.e., recovering fuel from the tankers). Responders placed absorbent boom and pads around a culvert approximately 60 feet north of the spill site in order to prevent further spread. Alaska State Troopers are on site and traffic control has been established in the area.

RESOURCES AFFECTED: It appears the fuel is contained in the ditch and is not migrating toward the culvert. No reports of wildlife impact.

FUTURE PLANS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: ADEC representatives on site will evaluate the incident and delineate the extent of the release. Approval has been requested from ADOT for immediate removal of fuel-saturated soil in the ditch to prevent further migration into the roadway. Big State Logistics, Inc. has activated an environmental consultant for cleanup activities, and has placed an excavator and trucks on order to haul contaminated soil from the spill site.

WEATHER: Today: Overcast, possible light snow showers, high temperatures near 32°F, winds from the north 6 mph.