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Recycling Conference Saturday, April 15


Waste going into the landfill is costly. Lined cells cost $7 million to build, $30 million to operate over five years, and $3 million to close. Share your ideas on reducing the waste stream into the landfill. Your innovative idea may be considered in a Borough Landfill comprehensive business plan.

Registration required for the conference. Enjoy lunch at the Government Peak Chalet. 

Call (907)861-7600 or email solidwaste@matsugov.us

Did you know that some 80 tons of waste has been diverted from the landfill from composting classes? Did you know that four community councils in the Mat-Su have agreements to run a volunteer program for recycling containers housed at transfer stations and hauled for free by the Borough? See the attached flyer for more information. Read the Powerpoint by Public Works Director Terry Dolan on recycling given to the Assembly in February. 


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