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NAACP Thanks Murkowski for Defending Alaska

Murkowski bucked party in defense of Alaskans' health care


ANCHORAGE: The Anchorage NAACP applauds Lisa Murkowski for casting a decisive vote to protect Alaskans' health care, including Alaskans who have care through Medicaid, private insurance, and tribal health care programs.

"Lisa Murkowski's multiple votes in defense of Alaskans' health care make it clear that she places our health and welfare ahead of Washington Republicans' sick, pro-death agenda," said Kevin McGee, president of the Anchorage NAACP.

"In contrast to Murkowski's principle and independence, Dan Sullivan flagrantly broke his promise to defend our care, and cowardly sided with party leaders instead of Alaskans," added McGee.

Murkowski's voted in opposition to theft of Alaskans' health care, and she voted against the so-called "skinny repeal" that would have put private health insurance plans into a death spiral and driven up costs for private coverage.  Dan Sullivan voted for both measures, effectively endorsing plans to end Medicaid coverage for tens of thousands of Alaskans while making private health insurance unaffordable.

Scientific studies demonstrated that Medicaid expansion reduced death rates by six percent, meaning that Alaska's Medicaid expansion is saving some 2,000 lives per year.  Conversely, repealing Medicaid coverage as proposed by Washington Republicans and supported by Dan Sullivan, could have condemned hundreds if not thousands of Alaskans per year to premature death.

"Health care literally is life or death, and Alaskans have Lisa Murkowski to thank for defending the health care programs like Medicaid and private health coverage that keep many of us alive every day," said McGee.

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