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Lynden Truck Hazmat Rollover Richardson Highway SITREP # 2


SPILL #:  16309900801  

TIME/DATE OF DISTRIBUTION:  5:00 pm, January 11, 2016  

POTENTIAL RESPONSIBLE PARTY (PRP):  Lynden Transport, Inc. (Lynden)  

INCIDENT LOCATION:  Milepost 299, Richardson Highway  

TIME/DATE OF SPILL:  12:00 pm, January 8, 2016  

HOW/WHEN SPILL WAS DISCOVERED:  On January 8, 2016, a southbound Lynden tractor trailer hauling a chemical load left the roadway and tipped over onto its side. The trailer split and there was a white vapor cloud emanating from the trailer.   

TYPE/AMOUNT OF PRODUCT SPILLED:  The tractor trailer was carrying a cargo consisting of: 2 totes of nitric acid (67% concentration); 24 drums of solid sodium hydroxide; 1 tote of liquid sodium hydroxide solution; 1 tote of hypochlorite; and 6 totes of hydrochloric acid. At this time it is believed that at least one of the nitric acid containers leaked some of its contents along with possible hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide solution.  

CAUSE OF SPILL:  The cause of the spill is currently under investigation.  

SOURCE CONTROL:  At this time, all but 11 containers have been removed from the site during initial emergency response actions. There are 4 drums of solid sodium hydroxide, 1 tote of nitric acid, and 6 totes of hydrochloric acid remaining on-site. All container integrity will be assessed prior to and after moving, and prior to transport off-site. If containers are not structurally intact, fluids will be transferred to a compatible container prior to movement.  

RESPONSE ACTION:  Lynden has activated National Response Corporation (NRC) Alaska and Restoration Science & Engineering, LLC (RSE) to assist with cleanup. The Fairbanks North Star Borough HAZMAT team was activated to safely assess the situation and perform offloading operations. The tractor has been towed away from the scene. The trailer initially was not in good enough condition to tow away. It has been dismantled and removed from the site. RSE has a work plan that is currently being implemented to remove the remaining chemical containers from the site. Utility locates have been requested for the site and ADEC and Lynden will remain in close contact with the appropriate agencies during response activities.

RESOURCES AFFECTED:  Travel along the Richardson Highway can be expected to be affected. Travelers can expect to encounter flaggers and pilot cars on-scene to assist with traffic flow. Offloading operations may impede traffic movement along the affected stretch of roadway due to the presence of heavy equipment and responders. The stretch of highway is three lanes wide in this area and responders are occupying the far right southbound lane for operations. ADEC recommends that any nonessential travel be postponed until the damaged trailer, and contents have been safely removed. Immediate response operations are expected to be completed by mid-week. Further actions for cleanup and remediation will be evaluated after the emergency response phase has ended.

FUTURE PLANS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: RSE and NRC Alaska will be assisting with removal of the chemical containers that remain on-site. The extent of the spill area will be delineated and a work plan will be submitted for excavation of any contaminated soil that may remain, and any site restoration needed.    

WEATHER:  Mostly cloudy, high 20°F, winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph. Tomorrow: Mixed sun and clouds, will become overcast in the afternoon, high 10°F, winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph.  

UNIFIED COMMAND AND PERSONNEL:   Incident Commander:  Richard Hennagin, Lynden Transport, Inc.     SOSC: Tom DeRuyter, ADEC   FOSC: Bob Whittier, EPA



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