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It’s Bike Season!! Buy a lock and write down your serial number


The snow is basically gone - woo hoo!  And now its bicycle season…. and bicycle theft season.  The APD literally takes in hundreds of abandoned bikes every summer. We’d love to see that number get reduced drastically.  There are two things you can do to protect your two-wheeled method of transportation.

One:  buy a lock AND USE IT.  I cannot begin to tell you how many bikes we take in with brand-new never-used locks wrapped around the frame.  If you’re not actively riding the bike – it needs to be secured whether the bike is at a store, your friend’s house, or your own yard.  Even when you’re running inside “just for a quick minute.”

Two:  write down the make, model, and serial number of your bicycle.  Should your bike get stolen, immediately file an online police report at www.muni.org/police.  When the APD property folks log recovered property into the system, they’ll get a hit on the serial number if you’ve already reported the item as being stolen.  That allows us to get the bike back to you quickly.  Most of the bikes we take in are never returned to their rightful owners because the bike owners didn’t write down the serial number and therefore cannot prove ownership.  This is especially true for mass-marketed bicycles like what are purchased at Walmart and Target.  The serial number is the only differentiating detail between hundreds of otherwise identical bikes. All of the bikes we collect that cannot be returned to owners, and are still in decent rideable shape, are auctioned off at the YMCA. 

So uncover those bicycles from the garage, WRITE DOWN THE SERIAL NUMBER, dig your BIKE LOCK out of the junk drawer, grab your sunglasses, goop yourself up with sun screen and bug dope, and off you go!  Enjoy our beautiful Alaskan summer.


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