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House Committee Discusses Young Legislation to Expedite Hydroelectric Expansion in Kodiak


Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, the House Subcommittee on Water, Power and Oceans met to discuss Alaska Congressman Don Young’s legislation to authorize the expansion of the Terror Lake hydroelectric project on Kodiak Island, Alaska. The bill, H.R. 220, would streamline the Kodiak Electric Association (KEA) expansion project in a timely fashion and result in an additional 33,000 megawatt-hours of generation each year for the Island’s residents.

Congressman Young discussing H.R. 220, to streamline the expansion of the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project in Kodiak (click here to watch).

“This is a project I worked on many, many years ago – to raise the level of Terror Lake and develop hydropower on Kodiak Island. Before we built this dam, Kodiak relied almost entirely on diesel fuel for electricity. Now, they are nearly 100% self-sufficient. With growing electrical demands by the U.S. Coast Guard and residents on Kodiak, KEA is now working to expand its hydro operations at Terror Lake,” said Congressman Don Young. “My legislation is a very simple measure to move this project forward – to get this project expedited and bring new power online for the community of Kodiak. Hydropower has tremendous potential in Alaska and I look forward to working with this administration to make hydro a renewable resource instead of an expendable one.”

H.R. 220 seeks to expedite the expansion of the Terror Lake Hydroproject in light of rising costs and a limited construction season. According to KEA, delaying construction by just one year would incur $11 million in additional project costs, which includes $1.3 million in costs associated with future supplemental diesel generation that will be required to meet electricity demand – costs that would be borne by the Island’s ratepayers, including the U.S. Coast Guard.

Young’s legislation would allow KEA to use no more than twenty acres of federal land within the Kodiak Island National Wildlife Refuge to construct, operate, and maintain the proposed Upper Hidden Basin Diversion Expansion – which would increase water resources at Terror Lake by 25% – without a need for further authorization from the Secretary of the Interior or under the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA).

Kodiak Electric Association President and CEO Darren Scott testifying in favor of H.R. 220 (click here to watch).

The expansion of the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project facilitated by this bill will provide the community of Kodiak with reliable and affordable electricity, sustain the economic vitality of our local fishing fleet, and ensure that the largest USCG base in the United States remains energy independent and energy secure….H.R. 220 is a common-sense approach for meeting Kodiak’s projected energy growth by maximizing existing infrastructure and meeting our community’s commitment to clean, affordable and reliable energy,” President and CEO of Kodiak Electric Association, Inc. Darren Scott said.

For detailed background on H.R. 220, please click here.

For hearing information, complete video and full witness testimony, please click here.


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