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Governor Walker Issues Statement on Status of First Special Session and Alaska’s Fiscal Crisis


June 2, 2017 JUNEAU – Governor Bill Walker today issued the following statement regarding the status of the First Special Session of the Thirtieth Alaska Legislature, and the state’s current fiscal crisis:


“Today is the 16th day of a 30-day special session—after a 121-day regular session. I convened the legislature to broker a compromise that fixes our fiscal crisis for good and closes this year’s budget deficit. In doing so, I indicated that I was confident the House and Senate could reach a solution. But, I also said: if significant progress was not made by the time layoff notices went out, I would step in. Yesterday, Alaskans were notified of a potential government shutdown if a budget compromise is not reached before July 1st. My team and I have recently met with all four legislative caucuses to ascertain the status of special session negotiations. After meeting with leadership members from the House and Senate Majorities and Minorities, it is clear negotiations have reached a stalemate. A government shutdown is unacceptable, and compromise is essential. So my team and I have begun work on a compromise package from concepts currently on the table, and intend to present the compromise to all four caucuses next week. There is no reason lawmakers cannot complete their work within the current special session. Alaskans deserve economic stability, and a fiscal solution that can withstand volatile oil prices and production. We must do all we can to remove the cloud of uncertainty that hangs over our state.” –Governor Bill Walker


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