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Congressman Young Named Most Effective Lawmaker in U.S. House of Representatives

Ranked in Top 10% for Bipartisanship


Washington, D.C. – Two Congressional rankings – for effectiveness and bipartisanship – have named Alaska Congressman Young atop their annual review of federal legislators. Young, who recently began his 45th year in Congress, was named the most effective lawmaker in the U.S House by Washington, DC-based data and analytics group FiscalNote and within the top 10% for bipartisanship by the Luger Center and Georgetown University's McCourt School of Public Policy.

“Fighting for the Alaskan people has been my passion and priority since the day I arrived to Congress,” said Congressman Don Young. “This honor and recognition confirms what Alaskans already know, I’m ready and able to do the job they’ve elected me to do. I’m strongly encouraged by what the next three and a half years may bring, particularly as a new administration gets underway and we begin taking serious steps to move Alaska focused priorities through Congress and onto the President’s desk. We’ve already seen great promise with the passage of H.J. Res. 69, a huge rebuke of the Obama Administration’s seizure of Alaska’s management authority, and I am confident that we’ll see many more successes in the years to come.”

FiscalNote Legislative Effectiveness Score Announcement (click here for more information).

According to FiscalNote’s Legislative Effectiveness Score, which measures a lawmaker’s success throughout the legislative process, Congressman Don Young is considered the most effective member of the U.S. House of Representatives. The recently published study evaluates Members of Congress based on 12 different factors, including bills sponsored, bills out of committee, bills to the floor and bills enacted.

“Legislative effectiveness is one of the key factors our government relationship management platform uses in assessing which officials matter most for a given issue or jurisdiction,” said Tim Hwang, FiscalNote CEO. “With hundreds of votes per session and meticulous record-keeping in both chambers, the data on Federal and state legislators is extensive. That kind of deep analysis also lets us predict the likelihood of a given bill passing in a given session, as well as whether an individual legislator will support or oppose it.”

  • Newsweek reporter Jason Le Miere recently spoke to Alaska Congressman Don Young on being named a top legislator in Congress, click here to view.

The Luger Center, in partnership with Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy, recently unveiled their annual Bipartisan Index Rankings. Congressman Young was named thirty-ninth (39th) in the list of representatives for bipartisanship for the 114th Congress (2015-2016), putting him in the top ten percent of his House colleagues.

Luger Center-McCourt School of Public Policy Bipartisan Index Ranking (click here for an overview).

“Despite the highly charged political environment of the past several years, Congressional bipartisanship did improve in the 114th Congress as compared to the 113th Congress,” said Lugar Center President Richard G. Lugar, who served for 36 years as a Republican senator from Indiana. “The Index shows that many senators and representatives raised their scores in the 114th Congress, so we are encouraged to see that even many lawmakers with strong ideological positions have found more common ground with their colleagues across the aisle. Cooperative efforts to address real challenges is what the American people want to see from their leaders, and we are hopeful it will be a growing trend during the 115th Congress.”

Congressman Young has often been recognized for his success throughout the legislative process. In February, Roll Call named the Alaska Congressional delegation as the nation’s top performer – credited with longevity of service, ability to move legislation and senior positions upon Committees.

Alaska Congressman Don Young, the second longest serving House Republican in U.S. history, has previously been recognized as one of the “10 Most Effective Lawmakers” by the Washington Post” and has passed more legislation into law than any other sitting member of the U.S. House of Representatives.


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