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Congressman Young Delivers Congressional Western Caucus Weekly Address

“The biggest challenge to everyone in America is the overreach of the federal government. We see it in Alaska every day.”


Washington, D.C. – In the Congressional Western Caucus Weekly Address, Alaska Congressman Don Young discusses the importance of limiting burdensome and misguided rules and regulations, improving access to public lands, and enforcing multiple-use on public lands.

Congressman Don Young delivering the Western Caucus Weekly Address (click here to watch).

 “Hello, I’m Congressman Don Young from the great state of Alaska. It’s my honor today to give the Congressional Western Caucus Weekly Address. When I say from Alaska – this is the 663,000 sq. mile state. It is also, landmass wise, if you take all the land east of the Mississippi, from the tip of Maine to the tip of Florida – that’s part of Alaska. In that area they have 253 Congressman and 52 Senators, and then there’s myself. I enjoy that and love being a representative of a Western State. We’re the furthest Western state in the Union and I’m quite proud of it.

“We like working on land issues. It’s one of the biggest fights we have in the Western states – is who controls land, how they should control it, what should happen on it. There’s been a tenancy, because of our Congressional populations from large urban areas, to look upon the West as their playground and not recognize there are cattle ranchers, there are farmers, there are loggers, there are miners, there are people that contribute to the wealth of this nation. And they’ve tried to take away the ability to do so.

“We try, and I think under this administration we have a chance, to undue regulations that are imposed upon federal lands and how they can and cannot be used. We’ll have access to those lands for hunting, fishing and recreations. This is a challenge for us now and we’re going to try – I hate to say it – make hay. Because it’s time for us to understand that land is public, but it’s also for the utilization for those that live by or on, or make their livelihoods from.

“Again, the Western Caucus is made up of Western Congressmen that try to take and share their thoughts on those that live in large cities. Our biggest challenge now; when I first came down here 45 years ago, 20 percent of our Congressman were from rural areas – Western areas. And now we’re down to 9 percent and that makes us less effective. But if we keep our act together and are united as Westerns, I think we can achieve the goals. That’s the utilization of our resources, freedom of individuals – not control by the federal government.

“The biggest challenge to everyone in America is the overreach of the federal government. We see it in Alaska every day. They take away our rights every day. And I’m trying to get those back. And very frankly, I’ve been somewhat successful. We just passed H.J. Res. 69 the other day, which gave the control of fish and wildlife back to the State of Alaska that was taken away by the Obama Administration. I passed this CRA that makes it good for the nation, good for the States, and good for fish and wildlife.

“So I’m happy again to report from the Western Caucus. Keep us in mind. Look us up on your Twitter and see what we’re doing. We’ll continue to do what is right for the Western states of the United States of America.

“God Bless, this has been Congressman Don Young speaking for the Western Caucus.”

The mission of the Congressional Western Caucus (CWC) is to enhance, sustain, and preserve the West’s dynamic and unique culture, and to find innovative solutions that address the distinctive concerns facing western and rural communities. It is the Caucus’ belief that economic growth and conservation are not mutually exclusive and can be accomplished by promoting balanced, common-sense reforms. Young, who for years has served as vocal and outspoken member of the Caucus, is currently the CWC Vice Chairman of Indian and Oceans.

Recently, President Trump signed Congressman Young’s H.J. Res. 69, a resolution of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act to overturn an August 5, 2016 rule by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that seized authority away from the State of Alaska to manage fish and wildlife on federal refuge lands in Alaska.

*** Click here to download Congressman Young’s weekly address for the Congressional Western Caucus.


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