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Concurrent Budget Resolution Paves Way for Tax Reform, Resource Development in ANWR


Washington, D.C. – Alaska Congressman Don Young today applauded the House-passage of  H.Con. Res. 71, a concurrent budget resolution for Fiscal Year 2018 that paves the way to long overdue tax reform and resource development within the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

“This budget resolution not only lays the foundation for achieving much needed tax reform, it takes us one step closer to unleashing Alaska’s true energy potential through the development of ANWR – two issues that will not be easy, but are vitally important for Alaska,”  said Congressman Don Young. “ANWR is absolutely key in this equation, especially as we look to generate new revenue, create new jobs and opportunities for our people, and strengthen our economic outlook.  As the budget reconciliation process moves forward, I am committed to ensuring Alaska’s needs are reflected in the House and through any future negotiations with the Senate. On a broader note, this budget takes a serious step to prioritize our nation’s safety and security, while also beginning to address spending and our spiraling debt. It’s often something people avoid discussing, but we must understand that without unlocking new resources, encouraging new growth and championing new business activity, we will never get out from under the years of hardship created under previous administrations.”

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