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Alaska digital firm releases iOS sticker pack – Alaskanisms


Palmer, Alaska
— Alopex Interaction Design, an Alaska digital design and development firm, is releasing a sticker pack for Apple’s iOS focused on Alaska life and sayings. With the launch of iOS 10 earlier this year, Apple opened up a new marketplace for expression in text messages, allowing users to drag and drop graphics directly into conversations. With Alopex’s new sticker pack, Alaskanisms, Alaskans will have the means to express unique Alaska situations and concepts at the tip of their fingers.

“Alaska has this reputation of being behind times, technologically,” says Kyle Fox, director of Alopex Interaction Design. “The truth is that a lot of these tools and brands that we all use everyday are really accessible. We decided to do a sticker pack mostly for fun, but we also wanted to demonstrate to our fellow Alaska businesses and entrepreneurs that getting an app, website or sticker pack out in front of an international audience is really not out of reach.”

The Alaskanisms sticker pack features 30 stickers focused on life in the Last Frontier. Celebrate PFD payday with a pile of PFD labeled cash, tell people you’re off to the Slope, or send them Forget-Me-Nots. There are some tongue-in-cheek stickers mixed into the pack; Drill Baby Drill, Squarebanks and Game of Thrones references to Winter are tossed into the mix.

Zane Ogle, Alopex’s main graphic designer and illustrator, took the results of a quick brainstorm and got to task building the set. When asked about his process, Zane replies,  “Some started as pencil drawings, other times I just sat down and drew them as final drafts in 10 minutes.” As to which was the most time consuming sticker, he points to the Fur Rondy graphic, which is the word RONDY covered in a pelt, like a fox. “That one required me to design a custom Adobe Illustrator brush and then hand render the letters. The experience has been like designing 30 logos!”

This isn’t Alopex’s first foray into the world of mobile apps; they built the Alaska State Fair app suite for 2014-2015 and they are in the final stages of building an earthquake tracking app for iOS and Android that will feature Apple Watch integration, QuakeWatch.

Alaskanisms is available right now, on the iOS App Store for 99₵. Alopex also encourages artists who are interested in turning their designs into Sticker packs to reach out to them. “Alaska is full of talented artists, and we made Alaskanisms as kind of a proof of concept. Building more sticker sets with different styles is something we would love to do,” says Kyle.

For more information, contact: Kyle Fox (907) 952-5953 kyle@alopexid.com

Alopex Interaction Design has been building brands, websites and apps in Alaska since 2012. Fusing the work of modern, quality graphic designers and university educated programmers, Alopex offers Alaskan clients solutions that, before now, required outsourcing. Alopex is the programming power-house behind KTVA.com, AlaskaStateFair.com and many other recognizable Alaska digital entities. Learn more about the company at alopexid.com.


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