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Afognak Island Registration Elk Hunt RE755 Closes for the Season


(Kodiak) – Registration elk hunt RE755 on Afognak and surrounding islands will close by emergency order on Friday, November 13, 2015, at 11:59 p.m. Most elk harvest objectives established by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in the registration hunt area have been fulfilled.

Afognak Island elk are managed using established harvest guidelines for individual herds and a 10 percent harvest objective for the overall elk population. As of November 12, hunters had reported taking 76 animals in the registration hunt area. With hunters currently in the field and elk increasingly vulnerable due to recent snowfall, biologists anticipate the harvest target will be reached prior to this closure taking effect; additional harvest would be excessive and could impede herd productivity and growth.

Only the Seal Bay herd had not reached its harvest objective of 12 animals; however, leaving this area open after the rest of the registration hunt area is closed increases the likelihood that this herd, limited in range and size, would be subject to overharvest.

The elk drawing permit hunt on Raspberry Island is not affected by this closure.


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