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Tongass National Forest announces Navy Timber Sale

About 1,252 acres of commercial forest land on Etolin Island


KETCHIKAN, AlaskaThe Tongass National Forest’s Navy Timber Sale Record of Decision (ROD) makes about 13.1 million board feet of sawlog and utility timber available for harvest from about 1,252 acres of commercial forest land on Etolin Island approximately 22 miles south of Wrangell, Alaska.

“The Navy Timber Sale will produce a supply of timber for the timber industry with minimal effects to the environment. It addresses the key issues by providing a supply of timber, maintaining old-growth forest habitat, and not entering any 2001 inventoried roadless areas,” said Tongass Forest Supervisor M. Earl Stewart. “I find that the Selected Alternative provides the best mix of beneficial resources for the public within a framework of existing laws, regulations, policies, public needs and desires, and the capabilities of the land.”

“The Navy timber sales will not be advertised until it appraises with positive values,” Stewart added. “It is important to have this timber volume available to offer as market conditions improve.”

The existing road system and the Anita Bay log transfer facilities will be used to transport the timber off the island. This decision requires construction of about 0.6 mile and reconstruction of 0.8 mile of National Forest System road, and construction of 2.7 miles of temporary road. All new National Forest System roads will be placed in storage and closed to public motorized use after timber sale activities are completed. Temporary roads will be decommissioned and allowed to revegetate after harvest.

The ROD is available for review at the Ketchikan Forest Supervisor’s Office and Wrangell District Office, and online at http://www.fs.fed.us/nepa/nepa_project_exp.php?project=14556. Hardcopies and CDs of the document are available upon request.