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No more applications needed for firefighting jobs


(Fairbanks, AK) – Due to the high amount of wildland fire activity in Alaska, the Division of Forestry and the Bureau of Land Management’s Alaska Fire Service have been inundated with inquiries from the public about possible work related to the fighting of wildland fires.

Both agencies appreciate the offers of help, but at this time both agencies are hiring from existing applicant pools. The hiring process for both agencies takes place in the spring and applications are no longer being taken for the 2015 fire season.

In addition, firefighters must be Red Card-certified to be hired on a crew, which involves training classes and a fitness pack test prior to the season. There are no more Red Card classes being offered this season.

Individuals or companies with equipment available for rent, such as bulldozers, buses, fuel and water trucks, pickup trucks, four-wheelers and boats, can go on the Division of Forestry’s Wildland Fire and Aviation Program web page at www.forestry.alaska.gov/wildland.htm and enter their equipment on DOF’s Online Application System site at https://dnr.alaska.gov/olas.

Their contact information and equipment availability will be included on a list that managers use to find equipment when it is needed. Equipment must be inspected prior to hire. The site also includes a contract to review and a price list for types of equipment.

“We don’t take somebody who just walks in the door,” Division of Forestry State Logistics Coordinator Barb Kraemer said. “We search for what we need on the list we have.”

The BLM Alaska Fire Service does not have an online application system for equipment rentals and instead hires equipment on an incident-by-incident basis based on where fires are located and what equipment is available.

People with equipment available for rent can contact purchasing agent Terry Rush at (907) 356-5770 to get their contact information and equipment put on the AFS rental list.

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