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New Book Captures Connection between Alaskans and Wild Salmon

Made of Salmon available in local bookstores, online


Take a fascinating exploration of the deep connections Alaskans share with wild salmon by devouring the amazing stories in Made of Salmon, The Salmon Project’s new book hitting bookshelves across Alaska.


Made of Salmon features articles, essays and poetry from more than 20 renowned Alaska writers. Authors such as Charles Wohlforth, Carol Sturgulewski, William L. Iggiagruk Hensley and Julia O’Malley discuss their own perspectives about salmon’s connection to Alaskans’ values, their families and the state’s past, present and future. Dozens of story sharers from across the state also offer their perspectives, giving voice to the “everyday Alaskan.”


Former Alaska First Lady Bella Hammond authored the book’s foreword.


“The voices are impressively thoughtful and diverse,” said Made of Salmon editor and former Alaska Writer Laureate Nancy Lord. “They cover Alaska from top to bottom, capturing Alaskans' dependence on and response to our iconic fish.


“It's my hope that readers will think about their own connections to salmon, and then, more than that, they'll appreciate the ways salmon bind us together as a culture. Visitors to Alaska should also love this book for what it shows about our lives and values."


Made of Salmon is available in a growing number of bookstores across Alaska and online from University of Alaska Press and other booksellers. It can be found via Kindle and in e-book form, as well.



Made of Salmon is a wonderfully personal collection of stories that bring to life the Alaskan love for salmon,” said David R. Montgomery, book reviewer and author of King of Fish: The Thousand-Year Run of Salmon. “This inspiring and delightful read offers an engaging meal for the mind and soul, and a passionate reminder of why safeguarding the future of salmon is as much about saving ourselves as them.”


Visit www.MadeofSalmon.com to learn more and to download free chapters from the book.



Made of Salmon: Alaska Stories from The Salmon Project

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.    What is Made of Salmon?

A.     Made of Salmon is the newest book from The Salmon Project, edited by former Alaska Writer Laureate Nancy Lord. It blends a unique and powerful collection of stories, essays, poems and photography that explore our shared connections to salmon—and how salmon connect to our values, families, hopes and fears.


Q.    Who are the authors involved?

A.    The people behind Made of Salmon have amazing stories to tell and include a “Who’s Who” of Alaska storytellers from all corners of the state.


Contributing authors include Ilarion “Larry” Merculieff, Leslie Leyland Fields, Seth Kantner, Charles Wohlforth, Charlie Campbell, Emma Laukitis, Richard Chiappone, Dan O’Neill, Don Rearden, Julia O’Malley, Ernestine Hayes, Debby Dahl Edwardson, Lynn Schooler, Verner Stor Wilson III, Michael Raudzis Dinkel, Sara Loewen, Heather Lende, Carol Sturgulewski, Kirsten Dixon, Hank Lentfer, and William L. Iggiagruk Hensley.


In addition to these distinguished authors, Made of Salmon includes shared stories and poetry by Alaskans all across the state. Their contributions underscore the importance of salmon to Alaskans of all walks of life and backgrounds. The foreword is written by Alaska’s former First Lady Bella Hammond.


Q.    Where is the book available to purchase?

A.     Made of Salmon is available in a growing number of bookstores across Alaska and online from University of Alaska Press and other booksellers.  It can also be found via Kindle and in e-book form.


Q.    How much does it cost?

A.    $21.95


Q.    Where can I learn more?

A.    Visit www.MadeofSalmon.com to learn more about the motivations behind the book, access the most up-to-date list of where the book can be purchased and download FREE book excerpts!


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