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Kenai Peninsula Burn Closure still in effect


(Soldotna, Alaska) – The Burn Closure activated earlier this month is still in effect. This means that there is No Open Burning allowed. This includes campfires, warming fires, signal fires, burn barrels and charcoal fires.  A gas or electric BBQ grill or fish smoker is permissible.

Also, fire officials want to remind all citizens that fireworks are not allowed to be shot off on the Kenai Peninsula.

Fire suppression agency personnel continue to respond to campfires, debris burns and burn barrel fires that are under this closure order. To clarify the difference between Closure and Suspension; A “Burn Closure” is the prohibition of all open burning including campfires.

A “Burn Suspension” is the prohibition of burning under the burn permit system which allows for campfires but not for burn barrels and debris piles.

The Burn Closure is regulated via the Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources and a Burn Suspension is regulated by the local Area Office of the Division of Forestry.


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