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Fishlines Vol. 37 No. 8


Fishlines: News from Alaska Sea Grant
Alaska Sea Grant State Fellows start new jobs

Five emerging scientists and policymakers are starting fellowships in Alaska this summer and fall. The Alaska Sea Grant State Fellows are beginning yearlong positions with state and federal agencies in Alaska, designed to advance their budding careers.

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Alaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute molds future industry leaders

Alaska Sea Grant will hold its sixth leadership institute to help mid-career employees move up the ladder, keeping the seafood industry strong and supporting Alaska’s economy. Company-sponsored workers receive intensive professional development at the Alaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute. Applications are due September 30, 2017.

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New publication spells out do’s and don’ts for collecting marine mammal parts

Have you ever found marine mammal remains, and wondered if you could legally take them home? A new publication makes it easy to understand who has rights to bones, teeth and other parts for subsistence or souvenir.

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After sailing the world, marine biologist returns to Kodiak 

After ten years of sailing the world and living in Australia, Mike Litzow has returned to Kodiak, Alaska, to work on several research projects. He has a position at the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center.

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Exhibit: Underwater forests of the Aleutians

A new traveling exhibit teaches visitors how human communities have relied on the Aleutian Islands as a source of food and protection. The exhibit, with photos and artifacts, opened in Unalaska in July.

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Want to help support salmon? Here’s how.

The new project, State of Alaska’s Salmon and People, aims to close data gaps about salmon so Alaskans can make more informed decisions about management and policy. The project invites the public to answer questions about salmon. Take the survey and learn more about this multidisciplinary collaboration.
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