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Awards Presented to Winners of the Alaska Symphony of Seafood


WRANGELL, Alaska (Feb. 23, 2016) — Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation (AFDF) unveiled the winners of the Alaska Symphony of Seafood during the Awards Ceremony on Friday, February 19, where contestants, industry representatives, media and public attendees gathered to celebrate and toast the winners.  The Symphony is an annual contest for new products made from Alaska seafood.  The goal of the Alaska Symphony of Seafood is to increase the value of Alaska’s seafood resource by encouraging value-added manufacturing.  .


This year’s first place winners in each category included:

·         FOODSERVICE:  Deckhand Seafoods’ Canned Smoked Herring

·         RETAIL:  Bambino’s Baby Food’s Hali Halibut

·         BEYOND THE PLATE:  ArXotica’s Quyung-lii Anti-Aging Skin Serum

·         BEYOND THE EGG:  Alaska Seafood Company’s Smoked Salmon Caviar


The GRAND PRIZE, awarded to the product that received the highest overall score, went to Bambinos Baby Food’s Hali Halibut


The PEOPLE’S CHOICE, awarded to the highest vote-getter based on the attendees’ votes, went to the following companies at each of the three venues:

·         SEATTLE PEOPLE’S CHOICE:  Trident Seafoods’ Fiesta Salmon Bites

·         JUNEAU PEOPLE’S CHOICE:  Bambino’s Baby Food’s Hali Halibut

·         ANCHORAGE PEOPLE’S CHOICE:  Bambino’s Baby Food’s Hali Halibut


“I am beyond words and truly grateful for the overwhelming support from all the voters of the Alaska Symphony of Seafood.  I look forward to scaling up our business, helping the Alaskan economy, and helping grow healthy, active generations to come,” said Zoi Maroudos, owner and President of Bambino’s Baby Food.


Even entrants who do not win first place in any of the categories still feel the competition is extremely useful for them.  A past entrant of the Symphony described his success story:  “Since last year, we have been able to sign contracts with two major customers and we recently finished our first major delivery of product.  The Symphony provided our company with recognition and sales opportunities,” said David Chessik of Ed’s Kasilof Seafoods with Baltica Fish Broth.


The first place winners from each category and the grand prize winner will receive booth space at the distinguished Seafood Expo North America in March, as well as airfare to and from the show provided by our sponsor, Alaska Airlines.


This was the first year that included the new category, BEYOND THE EGG.  This new category encourages and promotes products with roe from Alaska seafood.  Roe can be the most valuable and most nutritious part of any seafood resource.  BEYOND THE EGG joins the new category of 2015, BEYOND THE PLATE, which showcases specialty products made from non-traditional fish parts, such as fish waste or by-products of the primary processing.  “We have highly successful specialty products being produced out of Alaska seafood such as ArXotica’s Quyung-lii Anti-Aging Skin Serum and TidalVision’s Salmon Leather Wallets.  The BEYOND THE PLATE AND EGG categories were a success and we intend to continue offering these new categories in the future,” said Julie Decker, Executive Director of AFDF.


The Alaska Symphony of Seafood kicked off on February 10th in Seattle.  The competition enlists chefs and industry experts to pick the best new seafood products each year.  In Seattle, the judges tasted, deliberated and selected their favorite products.  Evaluations were based on the products’ packaging and presentation, overall eating experience, price and potential for commercial success.


This year’s judges included:  John Fiorillo with Intrafish Media, Alex Oliveira with BluWrap, Karl Uri and Michael Kohan with Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Jeremy Maxand with Life’s Kitchen, Maria Weeg with Hilltop Public Solutions, Maggie Beaton with Marine Stewardship Council, Thoa Nguyen with Chinoise & Wabi-Sabi and Gregg Shiosaki with Seattle Colleges.


Our major sponsors this year include:  Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Alaska Airlines and Alaska Air Cargo, Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association, At-sea Processors Association, Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, Northwest Fisheries Association, Kwik’Pak Fisheries LLC, Trident Seafoods, UniSea and United Fishermen of Alaska.


For a complete list of this year’s winners and sponsors go to:  www.afdf.org/symphony-of-seafood/.


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