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Alaska RFM Certification Halibut and Sablefish Fisheries Enter Re-Assesment for Full Certification and Crab Begins 4th Annual Surveillance Audit


Alaska Halibut and Sablefish/Black Cod
On behalf of the Alaska halibut and sablefish/black cod fishery client, Fishing Vessels Owners' Association (Eat on the Wild Side), the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is pleased to announce both fisheries have entered re-assessment for full certification to the Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) Certification Program.
The Alaska halibut and sablefish fisheries were originally certified in 2011 against the Alaska RFM Certification Fisheries Standard. As per Program procedures, these fisheries will now undergo a complete re-assessment to coincide with the 5th year anniversary of the original certification. For more information on the re-assessment, including the team members and initial site visit announcements please click halibut or sablefish
Alaska Crab
The fourth annual surveillance audit for the Alaska BSAI King and Snow Crab fisheries to the Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) Certification Program has begun. The Alaska crab fishery was originally certified in April 2012. The objective of each annual audit is to monitor any changes since the previous assessment. To view the assessment team and site visit information click here.
Comments and information are welcome from interested stakeholders. For instructions on how to submit into the assessment process click here.
As the certification of Alaska's fisheries progress, we will continue to provide email updates and update the website. We welcome any feedback or questions you may have at certification@alaskaseafood.org For more information on Alaska RFM certification go to www.alaskaseafood.org
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