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First Flowers: Alaska Peonies Take Center Stage


The sun was shining today as the first shipment of peony stems arrived by air at the Lake Hood processing center of Alaska Peony Distributors. A group of approximately forty peonies growers, air transportation industry executives, and other government and private sector officials took part in the celebration. After being sorted and packaged, the flowers will be sent to customers in the Lower 48 and overseas. 
Watch your in-box for a more detailed  WTC report on this emerging export industry.
The first stems of the season are unloaded after the Ryan Air plane arrived at Peonies Processing Center at Anchorage Airport
Examples of the wide variety of beautiful Alaskan peonies are on display. Guests were able to take a bouquet of peonies home with them
Erin McKenzie, Senior Account Executive, FedEx, was on hand to discuss shipping opportunities for the peonies around the country and around the world
Arthur Keyes, Director, State of Alaska Division of Agriculture, spoke at the event
Mike Williams, Managing Partner, Alaska Peony Distributors, provided a history of the Alaska peonies industry and described the significant opportunities for growth of the industry, as well as farming industry in general



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