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Valentine's Day Commentary On Alaska's Overspending Addiction

Long-term spending discipline is critical


At 3:30 today (i.e. 7:30 p.m. EDT) the Alaska Senate's State Affairs Committee will convene.  Second on the agenda will be the proposed improvement of Alaska's current, ineffective Constitutional spending limit: SJR 2.
As our readers know, limiting spending is the best long term way to control the rampant increase in entitlements and the malignant-like growth of government.  It is also a good way to instill INVESTOR confidence.
Since Alaska is facing a take-no-prisoners fiscal crisis, Legislators know that in addition to short term fiscal action, long term spending discipline is critical to maintaining a sustainable budget for generations to come...and, critical to an attractive investment climate.
Commissioner Emeritus, 
Chairman Emeritus, 
Alaska Oil & Gas Congress
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