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AirFrames Alaska Featured as Alaska's Fastest Growing Business

Map Shows Fastest Growing Company in Each State; Advertising and Health Companies Take the Lead


The map, based on data from Inc. Magazine's "2015 Inc. 5000," displays the logo of each company on the corresponding state.

Map by Broadview Networks

Broadview Networks, a leading provider of cloud services, released a map showing the fastest growing company in each state of the U.S. The map, which is based on data from Inc. Magazine's "2015 Inc. 5000," displays the logo of each company on the corresponding state. 

Map and Post URL: http://www.broadviewnet.com/blog/2016/05/fastest-growing-company-in-each-state-2015-edition/

The "Inc. 5000" has served as an expansion of the Inc. 500 list since 2007, and it offers an opportunity for smaller, privately owned companies and young entrepreneurs to be recognized for their success. Last year, Broadview Networks decided to spotlight the fastest growing company in each state by creating a shareable map, a move that generated significant buzz around the industry and found traction with major media outlets.

Sixteen industries are represented among the companies displayed on the map:


Industries Represented on Map (With Number of Companies In Industry)

Health (8)

Government Services (2)

Advertising and Marketing (6)

Consumer products (2)

Construction (5)

Manufacturing (2)

Energy (5

Telecom (1)

Retail (4)

Hospitality (1)

Business Products and Services (4)

Logistics (1)

Software and IT (4)

Insurance (1)

Financial Services (3)

Real Estate (1)


The companies represented on the map are not meant to indicate the largest companies in each state. Texas, for instance, houses Exxon Mobil, Dell, and many other Fortune 500 companies. Inc. 5000 measures only percentage growth of revenue over the last three years; in Texas, Nerium International took the award with a 16,617 percent revenue increase. While Nerium's $401.3 million in 2014 revenue is impressive, that is a far cry from the largest company in Texas. Additionally, readers may note a substantial revenue discrepancy among state leaders. AirFrames Alaska, for instance, earned $4.9 million, while Ultra Mobile, the fastest growing company in California, netted $118.2 million. 

Broadview Network's Fastest Growing Company In Each State map saw many new leaders, but four companies remained atop their states for the second straight year.

  • Restore Health (Wisconsin)
  • RocketDrop (New Hampshire)
  • Glacier Payments (Montana)
  • R. J. Allen and Associates, Inc. (Mississippi) 

Surprisingly, last year's map saw more advertising and marketing agencies leading their states than any other industry, while the health industry took second place with five representatives. Health leapfrogged advertising and marketing this year by leading eight states; advertising and marketing led six states again, with six different agencies from last year. 

Broadview Network's yearly map recognizes these companies for their outstanding achievements and serves as a reminder for the importance of scalable cloud services and IT. While many companies on the map have remained small---Glacier Payments still has fewer than 20 employees---companies with growth rates this high have to be prepared to expand. 

About Broadview Networks

Broadview Networks is a cloud services provider of IT and communications for businesses that offers dependable quality control by operating its own fiber-optic network. Broadview's next-gen offerings include OfficeSuite®, a cloud-based voice solution, cloud-based data storage and back-up, and OfficeAnywhere®, a cloud-based collaborative solution.


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