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Morning Headlamp - Down goes Gov. Walker's tax proposal, oil and gas credit fight still looms

Overarching tax regime


The Associated Press reported that Gov. Bill Walker broke his tax proposals apart again after legislators pushed back on his decision to bundle them together for the special session. Walker on Friday introduced four separate bills in the House, relating to tax increases on motor fuels and the fishing and mining industries and reinstituting a personal income tax. The administration rolled all of the tax pieces together for the special session that began Monday, but some saw that as problematic since a legislator might like certain pieces but not others. Headlamp is glad that lawmakers also expressed concern with such an overarching tax regime.


Work to do. Sen. Lisa Murkowski's energy legislation took a step closer to law last week, but major convincing remains to be done. The bipartisan proposition passed the Senate in April by a vote of 85-12. The House passed the bill by a more partisan vote of 240 to 178. "Chairman Murkowski is confident that we're going to get to conference and we're going to get a product coming out of conference that the president will sign," said her committee spokesman Michael Tadeo. Murkowski is "an eternal optimist" and "confident about the conference process," Tadeo said.


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