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Is Alaska fiddling while Rome burns?

Alaska is embroiled in a fiscal crisis


Dave Harbour

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Today, Alaska's legislature was considering a "Clean Energy Bill".  
Such "alternate energy" approaches, in general, allow increases in local taxes to subsidize uneconomic alternate energy businesses benefiting some citizens at the expense of taxpayers.  
All this occurs in the shadow of Alaska's truly important, overhanging issue: the state is embroiled in a fiscal crisis that has already claimed thousands of mostly private sector jobs as the Governor and some legislative allies continue to protect mostly public sector jobs and entitlement programs.
We wonder if the legislature wouldn't be wise to simply say, "We'll not be addressing any issue that is not related to critical budgeting issues this session.  We are 100% focused on successfully resolving Alaska's fiscal crises and during this very fast-moving 90-day session we will not be distracted from our primary goal of resolving Alaska's fiscal crisis!"
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