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Did Wednesday’s Quake Catch You Sure or Shocked

A Rattling Reminder


Magnitude 5.5 earthquake in Cook Inlet near Homer and Anchor Point at 5:11 p.m., March 1, 2017.


Anchorage, Alaska – Did this week’s earthquake catch you prepared to protect your family or was it a rattling reminder that you are not ready for this looming threat?
State Farm urges residents to heed this week’s warning by preparing for the next earthquake with a few weekend projects:
  1. Develop an emergency plan and survival kit.
  1. Identify where to meet and where to go in an emergency
  2. Build your kit with food, water, warm clothes/blankets, flashlights, batteries, meds and essential documents
  1. Create a home inventory list.
  1. Use a digital camera to photo or video every room in your house. Pay close attention to walls, closets and drawers
  2. Track and organize your belongings with an online tool like: State Farm Home Index
  1. Attach tall furniture and appliances to walls.
  1. Use an earthquake strap to secure your water heater
  2. Make sure all hanging items (lamps, mirrors, pictures) are well secure
  1. Review your insurance coverage.
  1. Earthquake damage is covered by a separate endorsement on your homeowners policy 
  2. Premiums vary based on several factors including: age of home, building materials and proximity to known fault lines
The best way for a resident to get more information about earthquake insurance is to visit their local agent to discuss their individual needs.
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