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Extra Edition: Thumbs Up, Double Thumbs Down

You Can’t Handle the Truth


Rep. Paul Seaton

Alaska Legislature

Headlamp believes our readers can handle the truth; unfortunately, Representative Paul Seaton doesn’t want you to hear it. Tuesday’s marathon House Finance committee meeting produced these gems:


  • Every attempt to reduce the size of government was rejected by the majority, even simple things like:
  • A $22,000 reduction in overtime pay for the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office.
  • A $75,000 lump sum allocation for overtime in the Division of Elections in a non-election year.
  • A rejection of 93 amendments to reduce FY 18 spending levels to the FY 16 actual levels based on a memo from Legislative Finance cautioning that the “actuals” aren’t really actual…
  • And…a $127 million increase, by the House Majority, to the operating budget above what the Governor originally introduced.  


And the winner is….

  • The rejection of every attempt to remove funding for positions that had been eliminated. Maybe. The only thing that was clear about this issue was that NO ONE on the House Finance committee, understands it.
  • Representative Grenn asked the Committee Co-Chair, Representative Seaton, if they could have the Department come forward and provide clarity on the issue. 
  • Representative Seaton said no.
  • This issue won’t go away. Legislators and the public have constantly asked for clarifying information about vacant positions and their funding. A tongue in cheek kudos to the Departments and Administration for providing information that protects these positions and their funding. Likewise, a similar shout-out to the Co-Chair for denying his own caucus member clarification.


Perhaps we can’t handle the truth; if the truth is:

  • Not one penny can be cut from the current budget;
  • The “actuals” from the state’s financials don’t represent reality; and
  • House Majority leaders would prefer for members to be confused when making critical budget decisions.  


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