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America Saves Week empowers Alaskans to take control of their financial futures

February 27 through March 4


Anchorage, AK – America Saves Week, which kicks off Feb. 27, empowers Alaskans to set financial goals and make actionable plans to achieve them. It all starts with a personal pledge to save.

Using America Saves’ tools and resources, Alaska Savers are now putting away an average of $274 per month for things like home ownership, education, vacations and more.

“It’s not always easy to set money aside, but small steps add up,” said United Way of Anchorage Income Impact Director Maureen Haggblom. “If you can start by even saving loose change, you reinforce a savings mindset. This can make a big difference over time.”

America Saves Week is designed to prompt people to think about their financial goals and then figure out what it will take to reach them. The celebration ends March 4, but pledges can be filled out anytime online at www.AlaskaSaves.org. Savers hold themselves accountable for following through with their pledge promises, and America Saves provides full access to saving strategies, budget worksheets, everyday savings tips and more—all for free.

Alaska Savers can enter the annual local and national #ImSavingFor video/photo contests for a chance to win $50 and $1,000 savings deposits, and a free budget counseling session.

America Saves also offers the “SaveYourRefund” program, allowing tax filers to designate a portion of their federal tax refund to be deposited directly into a savings account. Participants are entered to win cash prizes.

“The annual tax refund is the largest sum of money received at any one time by many households all year,” said Haggblom. “Tax season is when people are often focused on financial decisions, and SaveYourRefund encourages people not to miss out on this opportunity to save.”

Tax filers wishing to participate should use IRS Form 8888. Visit www.SaveYourRefund.com for details.

“The key is to reduce debt and grow savings over time,” said Haggblom. “The less debt you have, the more you control your financial goals and financial health. Tools, resources and support empower Alaskans to put their plans in place and stick to them.”

Visit www.AlaskaSaves.org for more information and to become an Alaska Saver. Business and organizations can also help promote America Saves Week by registering as a partner at www.AmericaSavesWeek.org.


About United Way of Anchorage
United Way of Anchorage mobilizes people and resources to make lasting, measurable changes in our community to improve lives. Our priorities are successful, prepared kids; strong, financially stable families; access to medical care for all; and a community making healthy lifestyle choices. United Way invites you to join the movement.  www.liveunitedanc.org


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