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AEDC Shares Targeted Crime Plan with Business

The Anchorage Police Department's 2017 Targeted Crime Plan


The Anchorage Police Department's 2017 Targeted Crime Plan
AEDC Investors,
On behalf of the Mayor and the Municipality of Anchorage, we’re sharing the Anchorage Police Department’s 2017 Targeted Crime Plan with you because we know how crime can adversely affect business.

Below is the Mayor’s letter outlining the plan.
March 10, 2017

Dear Community Members:

I want to share a significant milestone in our efforts to rebuild the Police Department. Thanks to support from the Assembly and Anchorage taxpayers, the Anchorage Police Department has grown to more than 400 sworn officers.

Yesterday, APD released a 2017 Targeted Crime Plan, which highlights a focus on drug-related crimes and data driven resource deployment to combat neighborhood crime. Increased staffing allows APD to engage in proactive crime prevention instead of just reacting to service call after service call.

This Targeted Crime Plan features three prongs:

Redeploy resources to high-call volume areas: this approach incorporated national expert recommended, data-driven policing to put more officers in the areas we need them most and will engage neighborhood residents to improve safety.

Refocus CAP and Vice on street level drug crime: the Department recognizes most property crimes are rooted in drug use. The Community Action Policing team (CAP) will focus almost exclusively on street level drug deals while Vice focuses on longer term distribution cases.

Expand foot patrols to more areas of town: the success, and positive feedback, of downtown foot patrols was immediate. We have seen a decrease in calls for service in the area, business owners have noticed fewer issues, and public spaces like Town Square are more welcoming to all residents. Foot patrols will expand to the three walkable neighborhoods of Mountain View, Spenard, and Fairview. Officers will engage in non-enforcement related contacts that will build relationships with neighborhoods, residents, and businesses. APD is looking to expand the foot patrol program into more neighborhoods as the police force grows.

The Anchorage Police Department is excited to be in a place where officers are able to proactively prevent crime instead of just react to it. We look forward to expanding these efforts in the future and continuing the community dialogue on how APD can best serve and protect.

Ethan Berkowitz

Thank you AEDC Diamond Investors!








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