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Big State 42 mile Richardson Highway Rollover

SITREP #: 1 and final


Big State Logistics response crew offloading fuel from a rolled and damaged secondary tank, 42 mile Richardson Hwy.

Photo: Candice Bressler, ADEC


TIME/DATE OF DISTRIBUTION: 4:30 pm on October 27, 2016

RESPONSIBLE PARTY (RP): Big State Logistics, Inc.

INCIDENT LOCATION: Milepost 42.1 of the Richardson Highway

TIME/DATE OF SPILL: At approximately 11:30 a.m. on October 21, 2016

HOW/WHEN SPILL WAS DISCOVERED AND REPORTED: The spill was reported to Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) via the ADEC Spill Report Number.


TYPE/AMOUNT OF PRODUCT SPILLED: The quantity released from the secondary tank was reported to ADEC as approximately 400 gallons of Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel. At the time of the incident the tank contained 4,599 gallons of Ultra-low Sulfur Diesel.


CAUSE OF SPILL: A fuel tanker truck hauling a main tank and secondary tank heading north on the Richardson Highway experienced a loss of traction, and the secondary tank (pup) left the roadway, rolling over the embankment and onto its top. The secondary tank was punctured in one location resulting in the release of fuel oil.


SOURCE CONTROL: Source control has been completed. Product was primarily released from a small puncture in the secondary tank. Big State Logistics temporarily patched the puncture shortly after the accident, and placed containment under the puncture site and the trailer roof hatch. Big State Logistics personnel transferred 4,260 gallons of fuel oil from the secondary tank to another storage trailer. The main fuel tank and the truck remained on the roadway and were not damaged during the incident. The secondary tank was removed from the incident location and transported to Fairbanks. There were no injuries.


RESPONSE ACTION: Big State Logistics personnel responded to the scene from Valdez by 1:30 p.m. with recovery equipment and supplies. The spill appears localized to a ditch immediately adjacent to the Richardson Highway northbound lane in an old channel of the Tsaina River. Crews successfully deployed sorbents around the site to contain the oil that had escaped the overturned trailer. No fuel oil made it into the flowing channel of the Tsaina River. Big State Logistics personnel transferred 4,260 gallons of fuel oil from the secondary tank to a separate storage trailer. Additionally, Big State Logistics responders recovered 270 gallons of fuel oil from the immediate area of the release during the initial response.

The recovered fuel and secondary tank were to be transported to Fairbanks. Alaska State Troopers were on scene when ADEC arrived, and a representative from the Alaska Department of Transportation Commercial Vehicle Enforcement was responding. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Bureau of Land Management Glennallen Field Office, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Alaska Department of Natural Resources were contacted and consulted.


RESOURSES AT RISK OR AFFECTED: An inactive channel of the Tsaina River was impacted by the release, however, no oil had entered the flowing section of the Tsaina River. There were no observations of fuel oil outside of the contained area of the spill site. There were no reports of impacts to wildlife.


FUTURE PLANS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: Alaska Resources and Environmental Services are working with Big State Logistics to develop a cleanup and monitoring plan. Big State crews are continuing cleanup at the site to recover the approximately 68 gallons of remaining fuel.


RP: Laurence Chesley, Big State Logistics, Inc.
SOSC: Ron Doyel, ADEC



FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT: Ron Doyel, PWSU Supervisor, ADEC (907) 835-8012 [http://dec.alaska.gov/spar/perp/response/sr_active.htm]


AGENCY/STAKEHOLDER NOTIFICATION LIST: This situation report was distributed to the agencies listed on the standard distribution list, which includes the governor’s office, State Emergency Operations Center, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Marine Fisheries Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and other state agencies.


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